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Content Management

Content Management


Journey to Cloud

Data Analytics and BI

Data Analytics and Intelligence

Managed services

Managed Services


Digital Experience

Migration services

Migration Services

Whether you’re in digital transformation or only starting your journey, we can help you make the best decisions. The chances are you have a large amount of data and content in different formats across multiple applications and processes, generated by various on-premises and cloud-based systems and sources.Though it sounds simple, integrating data, applications and processes can be a great source of frustration.

By structuring, processing and aggregating all your disparate sources we can help you achieve a single point of access to your ever-growing wide range of information sources.

Integration services

We’ve been specialists in managing content ever since we established Infomentum. We’ve seen its evolution from Content Management (CMS) systems and Web Content Management (WCMS) systems to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and today’s Content Services.

Forward thinking organisations are now moving on from an ‘all under one roof’ approach to ECM. With data centre strategies evolving we are seeing more of a hybrid on-premise and cloud based approach to managing structured and unstructured data.
We can help you create multi-repository information solutions to achieve the goals originally promised by ECM; to capture and enrich information, disseminate it on demand to the right people, processes, and departments, while ensuring compliance
and creating process and cost efficiencies.

Content Management services

With so many options available, Cloud migration can be daunting. At Infomentum we know one size does not fit all and know the importance of understanding your requirements and workloads prior to proposing an ideal cloud strategy.

With vast experience in AWS, Oracle Cloud and UKCloud providers, we are perfectly placed to assist and advise, whether your migration path involves a re-host (Lift & Shift), re-platform or re-architecture.

Respecting the importance of your system to your business users, we aim to migrate your workloads with minimum disruption using DevOps and automation.

Journey to Cloud
Data Analytics and BI

Data Analytics and Intelligence

When you have successfully collected and integrated data from multiple sources you are ready to take it to the next level. Infomentum can help by applying Business Intelligence (BI) which enables your business to extract the relevant information from your data, get accurate insight into your business performance, discover trends and make informative business decisions.

This is supported and enabled by Data Analytics - the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in your organisational data.

Data Analytics and BI services

As well as helping you bring digital transformation solutions to life, we can help keep them up and running too. Both during and after projects, our experienced team will monitor, manage and maintain your service to our agreed levels of availability and performance. So you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with professionals committed to your business successes and able to avoid and resolve any issues with speed and transparency.

Infomentum offers the flexibility to choose any combination of support models that best fit with your requirements, capabilities and budgets:

  • Application support: monitoring and maintenance of applications supporting software releases, upgrades and patches;
  • Infrastructure support: OS level monitoring, maintenance and upgrades;
  • Cloud support: cloud infrastructure monitoring and maintenance;
  • Management of third parties’ support channels and contracts
Managed services

Whether it’s a web channel, mobile access or omni-channel, we always approach it from the user’s perspective. We carry out research at the start of any digital project, determining the most effective user interface. We then develop the project ensuring it’s both easy to use and functionally rich.

We use responsive design to create intuitive, engaging user interfaces for PC, tablet or device. After all, there’s no point in investing in digitisation or transformation unless users adopt it.

Digital Experience services

The complexity of a large data migration is often underestimated. Whether you are upgrading to a new system or moving to the Cloud, your data needs to be validated, cleaned and mapped before it can be transferred.

We have been using automation tools to help our customers with their data migration for over 10 years. From content discovery and analysis to post-migration support and training; we offer almost limitless opportunities for your organisation to simplify the migration process and realise the full potential of your content.

Migration services

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