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We are a highly specialised MuleSoft and Salesforce partner offering a wealth of expertise.

CRM that knows everything

Imagine a CRM that knows every tiny detail about each of your clients by constantly speaking to other applications they interact with. Such a well-informed CRM is the heart of the Salesforce Sales, Marketing and Support solutions.

Salesforce CRM powered by MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform enables businesses to consolidate various data sources to obtain a real-time and unified view of their customers. By providing a rich front-end experience that connects to all parts of your business, you can take advantage of more efficient internal ways of working and offer greater levels of self-service and interaction with your customers.

Adopting a strategic combination of Salesforce and MuleSoft will help you respond faster to customer demands, identify new sales opportunities, increase innovation and drive business outcomes at a greater pace.

Do I need MuleSoft to achieve a holistic 360 view of my customers?

For organisations with only a few systems to connect and a handful of internal processes, using point-2-point adaptors available in the market could be sufficient. 

On the other hand, if your digital transformation strategy involves sharing information with multiple on-premise and cloud systems, legacy platforms and even sources outside your organisation, then a single integration platform like MuleSoft is a must.

Bring together a comprehensive view of your customers, track their behaviour and analyse it to offer your clients a superb experience. Moreover, arm Salesforce products with MuleSoft integration capabilities to build a holistic ecosystem that brings together customers, partners and employees.


The most common mistake that costs a fortune

A few weeks ago, a prominent local council approached us for help. Halfway through setting up the CRM and its processes, the team has started to discover more and more systems required to share information with the CRM. As the list of related data sources grew, so did the number of point-to-point integrations. Within months, the unmanageable 'spaghetti' of connections has pushed the team to the limits.

In our experience implementing Salesforce products in isolation is a common and expensive mistake. At the beginning of any Salesforce cloud implementation, select a few business-critical processes and identify systems to be connected to streamline these processes. Aim for a fully integrated Salesforce solution; gradually expand the network by unlocking more siloed data systems.

Only the strategic approach to Salesforce products combined with MuleSoft can help reduce overall cost, eliminate effort duplication, avoid an interconnection mess and maximise benefits from both platforms.


How can MuleSoft help us deliver an omnichannel customer experience?

Gartner predicts that 50% of large organisations will fail to unify engagement channels by 2022.

Just because you offer various communication options doesn't mean your users experience the same cohesive friction-free journey across all touchpoints.

MuleSoft's API-led connectivity decouples your data sources from business processes and, in turn, from user-facing channels and thus helps implement your omnichannel strategy faster and with greater success.

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Why should I talk to Infomentum about Salesforce and MuleSoft?

Engaging a single partner with expertise in both Salesforce and MuleSoft is especially beneficial if you are in the early stages of transformation or have a small Salesforce implementation.

As a certified partner of both Salesforce and MuleSoft, we will not only guide you to get the best of both platforms but also share your vision and values.


CASE STUDY Guildford council's integration journey with Salesforce and MuleSoft

Guildford Council logo

About a year ago, the Guildford council conducted an internal IT strategy review to determine their ability to respond to citizens' growing needs. The council had a clear vision of becoming a future-proof organisation with digitised processes and excellent citizen services.

At the time, the Guildford council was already implementing Salesforce looking for a secure and scalable solution to consolidate the other systems. The goal was to unlock external data sources and enable an automated end-to-end slick customer journey while eliminating data duplication and human intervention.

The council considered two options - traditional tightly coupled point-to-point connectors or an integration platform. To help the team select the right approach, we suggested starting by assessing the MuleSoft API-led integration platform on their waste management process (a bespoke workshop).

A few months forward, the council is now in full steam implementing Salesforce and OPENPortal/OPENVision integration leveraging MuleSoft. The next step for Guildford is to expand MuleSoft API-led connectivity into other areas of the organisation and streamline more services, including housing, waste management, licensing and permits.

Unsure about using MuleSoft to integrate your systems?


Discuss your case with our MuleSoft experts. As a certified partner of both Salesforce and MuleSoft, we will not only guide you to get the best of both platforms but also share your vision and values.


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