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Deliver extraordinary digital experience to your residents faster. Use the Infomentum Accelerator to increase returns from your investment in MuleSoft technology.

The Infomentum Accelerator for Local Authorities offers councils a bundle of solutions to fuel their digital transformation and offer residents an outstanding connected experience. These solutions were selected based on our extensive work with councils and designed to address their common challenges. The Accelerator contains pre-built components, including various APIs, implementation templates, documentation and reference architectures. This ready-to-use repository helps IT teams deliver projects 50-60% faster. Furthermore, the available best practice patterns ensure the high quality of the delivery from day one.


No need to design, build and test these solutions from scratch; we’ve done the hard work for you!

council online services

Online digital self-service options for local residents.


What is a MuleSoft Accelerator?

"Accelerators are a collection of technical assets (predominantly API specifications and implementation templates) and documentation to accelerate the implementation of multiple use cases supporting a larger business or industry problem.

Accelerators are designed as modular building blocks. Customers can change the patterns, mappings, and endpoints to suit their needs. The accelerators represent best practices recommended to customers to accomplish these use cases. Customers can save hours of discovery, design, development, and testing each time they use an accelerator asset." (source: MuleSoft Exchange website)


Digital council

Most local authorities aspire to meet the needs of their communities and become digital trailblazers by leveraging technology. People-centric services aim to satisfy and exceed citizens’ expectations across various areas of their lives, including waste management, parking and housing services.

Digital local Council


API-led diagram

The Accelerator's core is the collection of APIs required to establish connections to 3rd party solutions. We plan to continuously expand the pool of supported platforms utilised by councils’ services and business processes.

3 layers of APIs to support the most common systems

3 layers of APIs to extract, process and share data from the commonly used systems.



My Council Portal

Housing and Tenancy data:

  • Tenancy Details
  • Account Details
  • Transactions Details
  • Statements
  • Direct Debits
Identity validation:
  • Setup new accounts in the Council
  • Link accounts with Housing System
Integration with Payment system:
  • Housing payments and direct debit setup
  • Parking payment
  • Other services payment
Integration with Waste Management System
  • Waste collection schedule
Integration with Service Cloud
  • Complaints
  • Service request
  • Others

Council Automation and Efficiency

Integration with IoT devices:
  • Automatic detection & report of fly-tipping
  • Integration with Service Cloud


Use cases

Use case 1: Tenancy and Housing Data.

Residents can consume their Tenancy & Housing information in real-time. The accelerator provides assets to unlock the Council Housing System data and expose it through an Experience API.
  • View Tenancies.
  • Account Details.
  • Transactions.
  • Statements.
  • Direct Debits.
accelerator My-Tenancies

Case study 2: Waste collection schedule

Residents can find out about the bins and recycling collection dates using their postcode. The accelerator provides APIs to integrate with the most popular domestic waste collection & recycling services like Bartec.
  • View waste collection date.


Use Case 3: Civica - OPENPortal

Residents can access their housing information from Civica Portal directly and in real-time.

  • Unified login with Civica OPENPortal & Open Vision
  • Access account details, benefits and more.


Online services with Infomentum Accelerator.

Delight your residents by launching more self-service options faster.


Benefits for councils’ residents:

  • Provide your residents with a consistent digital experience.
  • Meet the public’s needs by offering more digital self-service options.
  • Offer a seamless user experience by consolidating data from partners and 3rd parties.
  • Deliver local services that are convenient and save people’s time.

Benefits for the council’s IT team:

  • Secure and fast connection to external data sources and platforms.
  • Streamline outdated manual processes by introducing greater levels of automation.
  • Increase the speed and quality of your integration delivery.
  • Follow a predefined set of standards and governance for API-led integration.
  • Follow the best practices recommended in accomplishing prevalent use cases.


Employee experience:

  • Optimise the way of working; reduction of duplication of effort.
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.
  • Delivering a high level of services leads to more happy customers.
  • Access to all required information in a single place in real-time.
  • Rich data from various sources helps in making better decisions.


Overall benefits for local authorities:

  • Become more efficient by digitising services.
  • Meet and exceed your residents’ expectations.
  • Create a 360-degree view of the citizens.
  • Increase the speed and reduce the costs of your digital transformation strategy’s implementation.

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