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Mental Health Concern improved patients' and therapists' digital experience in 90 days and set the foundation for the new initiatives.

Mental Health Concern (MHC), a charity providing a wide range of specialist services on behalf of the NHS and local authorities, has the ambition to become a leader in delivering superb digital mental health services.


MHC strongly believes in placing people at the heart of everything they do. With the current situation making care and support more necessary than ever. In line with the government's shift towards collaboration, MHC's set a clear goal to integrate its systems with partners so that everyone get the treatment they deserve. However, the challenge of connecting multiple systems with a large number of partners was daunting.


The greater number of partners we work with, the greater the number of systems we have to integrate with, and the harder it is to manage those integrations.  So the next few years will be a challenge.
  - John Slator, Head of IT at Concern Group


As part of their global transformation strategy, the charity wanted to start with optimising interactions between therapists and patients to enhance the overall episode of care. Specific focus was given to the referral and appointment booking process. It was manually intensive to maintain a patient's journey across multiple disconnected systems. MHC looked for ways to eliminate unnecessary data duplication and enable highly skilled therapists to focus solely on patient care.


Mental Health Concern shared their story at MuleSoft Public Sector Summit on 10th November 2021. Lawrence Thomson, Head Of Information Technology, and Brodie Lawton, IT application manager, talked about the organisation's challenges, goals and achievements.  

Lawrence Thomson, Head Of Information Technology, talks about the new business challenges for Mental Health Concern and the importance of providing personalised compassionate support to those in need.


How we made it work

After careful consideration, Mental Health Concern selected MuleSoft as the primary enabler of their digital transformation and Infomentum as an implementation partner of choice.

The charity wanted to make an immediate impact by improving the referral process and appointment booking efficiency. It was necessary to optimise the data flow between SilverCloud, their digital mental health platform, and Salesforce, their strategic CRM system.

Through Infomentum’s 90-day Kick-start Integration Kit (KiK) the charity was able to:

  • demonstrate rapid results,
  • lay foundations and best practices for API-based projects,
  • speed up project delivery and enhance quality with our 50 days of acceleration.


Brodie Lawton, IT application manager at Mental Health Concern, explains how MuleSoft technology helped them achieve seamless integration with the Salesforce ecosystem and collaborate with multiple partners.


“It is a pleasure to work with Infomentum. They took the time to understand our ambitions and suggested a strategy that would allow us to achieve it. We are now in our first project, and I must say it’s the smoothest I’ve seen in my 20-year long career, which says a lot!”
  - John Slator, Head of IT at Concern Group


Starting your API-led integration initiative?

Our Kick-start Integration Kit is a perfect solution for organisations that have chosen MuleSoft as the primary transformation enabler and are looking to get started fast.

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Momentum gained

Mental Health Concern is looking at a broader set of requirements to streamline their patients’ digital experience.
The new initiatives will involve integration with the NHS Spine to expose a rich set of digital services allowing the exchange of information across local and national NHS systems. Future projects will benefit significantly from the already established foundations. They should realise a reduction in delivery timelines and cost upwards of 40% thanks to the potential for reuse of APIs and assets.

“The lesson that we learned was you need a good partner to go into this with. We use Infomentum and they've been great.”
  - Brodie Lawton, IT application manager at Insite IAPT & Mental Health Concern

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