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We are a highly specialised Salesforce and MuleSoft partner.

Accelerate your invoice process automation

Whether you're still stuck in the manual invoice processing maze or feeling the limitations of existing solutions, it's time for a transformation. The Invoice Process Accelerator is designed to break free from one-size-fits-all solutions. Get started with 90% of your requirements covered instantly and add the remaining 10% to tailor it precisely to your needs.



Automated invoice handling from receipt to approval.

  • Accurate extraction of key invoice data.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for reading and interpreting invoices.
  • Validation of invoices against predefined criteria.
  • Human intervention and decision-making at certain stages if required.

Customisable solution to meet unique business requirements.

  • Fully adjustable workflow.
  • Support for processing various document formats.
  • Flexibility of utilising AI for human reviews and audits of Machine Learning predictions.
  • Various levels of monitoring and reporting.

Seamless integration with existing systems, databases and suppliers.

  • Seamless integration with existing ERP and accounting systems.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and robust security measures.
  • Supporting integration with legacy systems.

Highly scalable architecture.

  • Ability to scale the system to accommodate increased invoice volumes and new data sources.
  • Flexibility to automatically scale up or down in response to changes in processing demands.
  • Ability to process multiple invoices simultaneously.

Demo: Invoice Process Automation



Streamline your invoice processing.

Empowered by MuleSoft Automation, the Automation Accelerator arrives ready with essential features, covering common requirements while offering the flexibility to adjust as your needs evolve. Whether you want to take the reins and adapt it yourself or prefer a fully tailored solution, we're here to empower your success.


from $12,500

Seeking control and adaptability? We provide and enable the solution, and you take over for further customisation.

  • Includes the solution for Invoice Processing automation;
  • The Accelerator installation and enablement;
  • Architecture and infrastructure set-up;
  • A limited number of supported document formats;
  • Pre-defined source and destination of processed documents;
  • Pre-defined level of monitoring and reporting.

Add-on Option: Application support

from $31,000

Best for medium complexity AP process. Benefit from an automated and customised invoice management process.

  • Everything in the Start kit;
  • Adapt automation to your specific Account Payable workflow;
  • Implement custom invoice validation;
  • Use your domain knowledge to adjust the confidence scores and improve the accuracy of invoice automation;
  • Configuration of your invoices' source and destination based on your invoice process;
  • Include all your invoicing formats.
  • Tailored monitoring and reporting.

Add-on Option: Application support and Training/Handover

from $62,000

Complex & time-consuming AP process? You need an end-to-end fully automated invoice process tailored to your needs.

  • Fully adapt automation to your specific Account Payable workflow.
  • Three-way match for seamless reconciliation of your Purchase Orders, Invoices and Delivery Notes;
  • Full advantage of AI to continuously improve accuracy; 
  • Multiple source and destination options for your documents to optimise the invoice process;
  • Automated extraction of invoice line items for enhanced accuracy and deeper insights;
  • Connect enterprise Finance platform and streamline incoming data.

Add-on Option: Application support Training/Handover

Ready to revamp your invoice process?

Don't let manual processes or insufficient solutions hold you back any longer. Let's connect today and explore how our Accelerator can turn your challenges into your strengths.


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