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Using our Effort-Complexity calculator, you can quickly assess how many APIs can be built within a certain period. We always use the Effort-Complexity calculator to estimate the number of APIs delivered as a part of our 90-day Kick-start Integration Kit (KiK).

The effort required to develop an API is based on the number of exposed data objects or resources plus the number of their properties (fields). The larger and more complex your entity is the more effort is required to build it.

The complexity factors validation, processing or transformation of the original data required to generate those entities.


For example, if we need to build an API that retrieves and exposes one data object - an insurance claim. Each claim entity has about 15 properties (fields), 10 of which require some validation. To build this API will involve Medium Effort - 10 days and Medium Complexity (x 1.5) - 15 days altogether.

Kickstart Kit delivery approach - effort and complexity

  • Transformation describes processing required to convert information retrieved from the original source (system) into accessible, logical and domain-driven data.
  • Orchestration is a process of integrating two or more applications/services together to automate a process or synchronise data.
  • Business logic is a specific business process that needs building into the integration such as email notifications, error notifications etc.

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