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How it all started...

We started Infomentum when working at a big, faceless consultancy. We spent our time battling through hurdles of bureaucracy, lack of transparency and delays day-in and day-out. But we had an idea. What if a smaller, more agile consultancy could deliver big technology projects that really worked by cutting the unnecessary processes and layers of formality? 

So, Infomentum was started overnight, with a spontaneous logo, a proposal in hand for our first client, and the HQ at Marta’s North London apartment.

Our customers become our extended family, and we have our collaborative, long-lasting partnerships to thank for that...

We've come a long way in the last decade. What began as a small idea to make change work for big companies is today a 75-strong team with experts from all over the world.

We love working here, and we hope you love working with us.

We are



We have unwavering belief in our ability to make change work. As natural innovators, we’re never afraid to boldly go where we’ve never been before.

Our zero tolerance of project failure also gives our clients 100% confidence that we’re the right choice to get the job done.



We’re very approachable people who love to approach challenges and solve problems for other people. Our natural ability to bond with customers and colleagues makes the difficult job we do easier.

We know that closer relationships lead to better solutions.



We don’t just know our subject matter inside out. We also know exactly how to use and share that knowledge for the best possible results. As intelligent and curious thinkers, we also enjoy the challenge of learning and keeping up with new developments to keep our customers and ourselves a critical step ahead.



We love using technology to give business momentum. As a close-knit, like-minded team, we share the joy of igniting ideas and harnessing innovation to fuel the business visions, ambitions and goals of our customers. We embrace everything we do with a positive spirit and infectious enthusiasm.

Our core values

Can do attitude

  • We accept challenges
  • We solve problems
  • We are positive and proactive
  • If we can help, we will


  • We keep our promises
  • We don’t give up
  • We finish what we start
  • We are determined


  • We help each other
  • We care about our colleagues
  • We work as one team
  • We mentor each other

Strive for quality

  • We pay attention to detail
  • We manage expectations
  • We give honest feedback
  • We deliver quality outcomes

What our team members say


What I like about Infomentum is that help and support comes not only from your team members but also from those outside of your team – it’s like working in an organisation with an extended family-like feel where no one is an outsider.

One person’s achievement feels like everyone’s achievement.


Nasima Alam

Test Analyst

Bring your whole self to work: be comfortable being who you are at work. It means getting honest collaboration, sharing your vulnerabilities or admitting you had a bad day, as well as working hard, going the extra-mile with your team, celebrate success. Without political games, floods of emails or endless meetings.

Infomentum helped me change the way I consider work today.


Paola Fulchignoni

Head of Managed Services

Infomentum has unselfishly enabled me to grow professionally and as an individual, by giving me the space and opportunity to learn in areas that not only benefit the business but personally spark an interest. All the while I'm surrounded by my Infomentum family.


Charlie Stapleton

Operations Administrator

Meet the founders

Vikram Setia

Chief Commercial Officer

Besides being an expert on Digital Transformation, Vikram is our resident agriculturist. He was brought into the world in a ...

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Marta Monteiro

Chief Technical Officer

Being born in sunny Portugal, surrounded by sea and vineyards, was not enough to pull Marta away from her affinity ...

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Dan Shepherd

Chief Operations Officer

As our Chief of Sport, as well as Chief of Operations, Dan is the David Beckham to Vikram’s Freddie Flintoff. Dan has a ...

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Natalia Bazanova

Head of Marketing

To conclude our awesome foursome, we have our Head of Marketing. With Natalia, creativity doesn’t just end at ...

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