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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Local Government
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Our 1-day workshop enabled Guildford Council to evaluate the MuleSoft platform and make an informed decision.

Guildford Council aspired to improve their services by providing a richer digital experience to their customers and call-centre agents and enhancing operational efficiency. To achieve their strategic goal, it was crucial to introduce an integration platform to connect cloud-based services, like Salesforce, with internal systems. To evaluate the MuleSoft integration platform’s suitability, high-security level, and ease of use, Guildford Council engaged Infomentum to conduct a 1-day bespoke integration workshop.

Local council - waste management service

Guildford Council selected the waste management service to test API-connectivity.


How we made it work

The goal for the day was to apply and test API-led connectivity on the waste management process. Being able to store and access the waste data in the Salesforce system would significantly enhance the citizen’s online experience and improve call centre agents’ efficiency. The team applied MuleSoft to retrieve waste information based on a person’s address (in LLPG compliant format) from the third party waste-specialised API. The workshop attendees were blown away with what they achieved in 1 day:

  • implemented a complete API-led integration between the external waste application and Salesforce
  • tested the out-of-the-box Salesforce connector
  • became familiar with the main principles of API-connectivity
  • got insights into MuleSoft’s capabilities
  • proved that API-led integration is the right solution for them.


"Infomentum’s hackathon included very useful overviews of the MuleSoft product suite alongside a vision on how the product can improve systems, process, and customer experience.”
                            - Robert Spiers, Data and Applications Manager at Guildford Borough Council


Starting your API-led integration initiative?

Our Kick-start Integration Kit is a perfect solution for organisations that have chosen MuleSoft as the primary transformation enabler and are looking to get started fast.

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Momentum gained

Now that the council has proven the power of API-led integration, they can confidently apply it to their processes. Our team is currently working on optimising the Housing service, especially the repairs management and reporting. The incumbent process is highly manual. It relies heavily on the call handlers who use multiple siloed systems to update the CRM and find and book the repairs.


By connecting siloed backend systems to their website, the citizens will be able to report a repair, book a slot and track the case progress online.


Optimising the Housing service will bring the council another step closer to providing a better digital experience to their citizens!

The Guildford Council's experience (the webinar 'A clear path to integration success').

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