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We are a highly specialised MuleSoft and Salesforce partner offering a wealth of expertise.

Social Housing is about people. Streamlined processes are worthless if your tenants are dissatisfied and unhappy. Resident expectations have changed significantly. Not only do they want to feel safe, respected, and in control, but they also expect services relevant to their needs, age, income, and health.


Let us imagine the Resident Portal of tomorrow:

  • My property - sensors installed around my flat notify me if anything is out of the ordinary. It helps me to keep the bills low. I receive reminders when maintenance services are due so I can book an appointment at my convenience. EPCs, gas and electrical safety checks, and building insurance are always up-to-date and available online.
  • My tenancy - not only do I have 24/7 access to my tenancy history and payments, but I also receive benefits advice when I need extra financial support.
  • My building & neighbourhood - I have access to the latest updates about planned or carried out maintenance, rubbish, recycling, crime reports and more, so I am confident that the common areas, equipment for my building and its surrounds are well maintained and safe. I can even receive recommendations on empty parking spaces or special deals on my favourite food in my local supermarket.
  • My landlord - I always know how my landlord performs because it regularly publishes reports on repairs, complaints and safety, and spending. 
  • Communication - When my upstairs neighbour's noisy party kept me awake all night, I created a complaint via the Portal. It was dealt with promptly, and I could track online what had been done. A lovely robot even called me later to ensure I was OK.
  • My health - I like to stay in control of my life; still, it's good to get a little help. For older people like me, the housing management installed smart sensors around my flat that keep an eye on me, ensure I am safe and even remind me about my medications and doctor's visits.

Smart Social Housing

What is intelligent housing, and how to utilise technology for a complete, effective and cost-efficient tenant and agent experience?


The future of Social Housing is about tenants, housing associations, local authorities and the supply chain being holistically interconnected.


MuleSoft's platform is an integration layer that can bring together people, housing, platforms and devices.

  • Efficiencies, transparency and governance;
  • Cost savings;
  • Enhanced set of safety standards;
  • A high level of residents' satisfaction;
  • Proactive, not reactive, management and maintenance.

API-led connectivity & accelerators

Housing Association API-led connectivity accelerator

Replacing troublesome point-to-point connections with an API-based application network allows you to  

  • easily replace or upgrade outdated components without disturbing the rest of your infrastructure;
  • reduce the cost and accelerate the delivery of new services and products through API, asset and data reuse;
  • faster onboarding of new SaaS & devises by 'plugging' them into your application network using our accelerators for the most common systems (NEC, Civica, Concerto, Experian, etc);
  • achieve Smart Housing by incorporating IoT and various sensors;
  • digitise resident services and automate business processes.

Unsure about using MuleSoft to integrate your systems?


Discuss your case with our MuleSoft experts. As a certified partner of both Salesforce and MuleSoft, we will not only guide you to get the best of both platforms but also share your vision and values.


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