MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft provides a powerful platform to facilitate API-based connectivity between applications, data and devices, both on-premise and in the cloud. It is the only leader in both API Management and Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) (Gartner 2020).
Not surprisingly, MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform has become the top choice for many forward-thinking organisations.

MuleSoft Anypoint platform


MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is a perfect solution for:
  • enhanced customer and internal users experience
  • data aggregation, 360 customer view
  • siloed legacy systems modernisation
  • business process automation and optimisation
  • systems and data interoperability.


Integration services

As a MuleSoft certified partner, we offer a broad range of services.

If you are a leader who aspires to drive innovation and respond to new IT challenges, then our integration services will support and enable you to succeed. 

Most of our customers trust us to take over the entire integration project from the initial discovery through to training and support. If you have capabilities to execute the integration initiative internally but require assistance at some stage, we would be happy to discuss it with you.







Foundation & Design







discovery service



To ensure that the integration project meets your business goals, we start by understanding your vision, objectives and the existing IT landscape. This exercise ensures that all further activities are closely aligned with your goals.

The Discovery phase includes:

  • understanding your vision
  • understanding your business objectives and key drivers for success
  • understanding the as-is architecture.

enablement service



During the Enablement phase, we ensure you get the maximum out of your MuleSoft investment.

Your internal Centre for Enablement (C4E) is set up with a structure to promote the capability and reuse of APIs across the organisation and potentially externally. Training and upskilling are also a part of the Enablement.

The Enablement service includes:

  • Anypoint Platform set-up
  • C4E setup
  • training.

enablement service




Foundation & Design

To give your project an initial boost, we onboard many of foundational assets and development standards from our portfolio. One of our 'accelerators' is a fully automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) framework.

We help you define ways of working to bring business value as early as possible and build out a set of technical designs aligned to the end-state vision.

As a part of the Foundation & Design service you receive:

  • access to foundational assets
  • CI/CD framework
  • technical design
  • ways of working (technical, foundations, Agile delivery approach)

implementation service



Your project scope and delivery go through iterative cycles of development with frequent playbacks, so you are always up-to-date on the progress. The most effective way of enabling your people is to embed them into our delivery teams and upskill throughout the project's stages.

Everything we deliver is wrapped with an element of project governance to ensure that the budgets, timelines, risks and issues are well managed and communicated.

Implementation service includes:

  • project governance
  • your project set-up in Jira/Confluence online systems
  • Sprint execution
  • SIT & UIT support
  • production deployment.

implementation service


support service



Outsource the application and platform support to us. It will not only free your IT team to focus on strategic tasks but also ensure the smooth operational running of your applications. 

Our well-defined set of SLA's ensures that we address and fix all issues with minimal disruption to the business.

Our Support service covers:

  • application support
  • platform support.





As a Certified MuleSoft Training Partner, we offer a complete training portfolio of online or classroom instructor-led classes. Choose from various standard MuleSoft courses or select our special tuitions explicitly tailored to your business needs and budget.

We can also deliver bespoke private sessions to teams of up to 12 people, as and when required.

MuleSoft training service contains both:

  • instructor-led online courses
  • instructor-led classroom Training





Your API-led integration journey with Infomentum.




Infomentum adapted quickly not just to QBE’s delivery approach but also to what was a complex delivery for us. Their input has been invaluable, and their technical skills and ability to deliver against a tight timetable was key.
   - Jack Walker, Claims Change Portfolio Manager, QBE

Work with us


How to engage us

'Where to start' is the top API challenge of CIOs (McKinsey).


We can do everything remotely - from the discovery workshop through to delivery and support. 

A no-obligation phone chat to understand your objectives and a one-day free virtual discovery workshop with your stakeholders will ensure that the roadmap we create for you meets your exact needs.




Integration Framework - a roadmap for your API integration journey.


The integration framework was developed as a roadmap to enable you to plan and design your API projects right from the start, reduce risks and avoid costly mistakes.

As a result, not only you'll build a robust and scalable network of reusable APIs but also win-over the rest of the organisation and deliver exceptional results fast.

Integration framework with MuleSoft




Kick-start Integration Kit - results in 90 days.


Kick-start Integration Kit to deliver results in 90 days


Want to see quick results?
Launch your first API project in 90 days.


In 90 days you'll have a solid foundation for your API integration project, one or more fully automated business processes and a repository of assets to reuse for your next API-based initiatives.

  • a quick and cost-efficient way to validate API-led connectivity
  • create value-driven APIs for challenging business processes
  • create a solid foundation with reusable assets for future API projects
  • demonstrate tangible results in only 90 days.



Kick-start Integration Kit to deliver results in 90 days


Why work with a MuleSoft Partner?


There are numerous benefits of working with a MuleSoft certified partner. As a MuleSoft partner, we always ensure the highest level of quality. Credibility and reputation are the pillars of our business.

Engaging us from the beginning will help you avoid common mistakes and achieve results faster. The Partner status reflects our expertise and the quality of our work. 



We have extensive experience of planning, managing, deploying and supporting integration projects across many industries.
All our specialists have been trained and certified by MuleSoft.



By reusing various standards, applying our well-established CI/CD framework and following our Integration Framework, your API connectivity project gets an instant boost and can be delivered much faster.


Cover your entire integration journey

We offer a broad range of services from running hackathons and discovery workshops to consultancy, implementation, delivery, support and training.


Strong relationship with MuleSoft

We are proud to have a tight relationship with MuleSoft. We are among the first to be informed about any upgrades or important changes. We have access to their wide pool of technical resources and expertise.


Complimentary technologies

We strongly believe that the combination of APIs with robotic process automation (RPA) is the most powerful and beneficial.
We also leverage the process mining tool (Celonis) that provide fact-based insights into business process and greatly improves both API and RPA processes' automation.


Enablement & training

We embed your resources into our team so they learn on the job from our top experts.
As a MuleSoft Training Partner, we offer flexible training packages to ensure you get maximum benefit from the technology.

Case Study global insurer


How to streamline insurance claims with API integration


Insurance giant QBE has fundamentally transformed the experience of its customers and brokers using the MuleSoft API integration platform.

" One of the most successful deliveries of our Global Claims Change  programme", 
     - Jack Walker, Claims Change Portfolio Manager



Case Study global insurer


API-led integration projects are easy and risk-free
when you work with a trusted MuleSoft Certified Partner



Related features

Framework that is tailored to each organisation will guide you to build a solid foundation for your integration journey.

Give your IT teams the knowledge and skills to confidently use the MuleSoft platform to its full potential. 

Validate the MuleSoft API-led integration platform AnyPoint for one of your business processes, create a solid foundation with reusable assets for ...

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