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We are a highly specialised MuleSoft partner offering a wealth of expertise.

What is MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft provides a powerful platform to facilitate API-based connectivity between applications, data and devices, both on-premise and in the cloud. It is the only leader in both API Management and Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Not surprisingly, MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform has become the top choice for many forward-thinking organisations.


Our MuleSoft capabilities


What our clients say

How it works

Our experts will not only help you maximise the benefits of integration but also share your vision and values.



Discovery, Design, MuleSoft Licence Assessment.

  • Quick Set-up - Anypoint Platform up and running in a day;
  • Access to the library of quality & standards;
  • API-led design that focuses on the capabilities you would like to realise;
  • A full assessment of the value you are getting from your MuleSoft licence agreement to ensure the maximum for your MuleSoft investment.
Delivery & implementation


Design, Delivery & Project Management

  • Deploy a series of business capabilities (via APIs) to enable future reuse and reduce time to market of future projects;
  • Release new capability, business outcomes and value in regular and frequent cycles.
MuleSoft enablement

MuleSoft Enablement

Training (Private Events, Seats on Public Event), MuleSoft Masterclass

  • Official MuleSoft training with full content at discounted rates;
  • Training delivery tailored to your specific needs or use cases (private training events);
  • Support your team through the Certification process;
  • Connect Enablement with Consulting and embed your people into our team so they advance that learning into the real world.

Support & co-managed services

Application Support, Platform Support.

  • You can trust us to ensure the smooth running of your business-critical APIs;
  • You can focus on the next important business-critical initiative without being distracted by BAU activities;
  • You get a rapid response aligned with SLAs 24 hrs a day where required.
MuleSoft acceleration

MuleSoft Acceleration

Kick-start Integration Kit (KiK), MuleSoft workshop, 50-day Acceleration Kit.

  • Start fast and see a rapid return with Kick-start Integration Kit.
  • Push the boundaries of enablement with the tailored MuleSoft workshop based on your use case.
  • Gain the maximum from our wealth of experience by lifting and shifting our Knowledge Base of documentation, assets and CI/CD into your programme - 50-day Acceleration Kit.
Mule4 upgrade

Upgrade to Mule 4

3 flexible offers to accelerate your migration to Mule 4.

  • Build a solid foundation, so you are in a strong position to accelerate on the other side of the migration.
  • Free your team to focus on further development while we deal with the migration.
  • Upgrade not migrate - follow our guidance to ensure fast adoption of the API-led connectivity principle.
  • Optimise licensing cost - our experts help you define a strategic approach around API architecture and licensing consumption.

How we've used MuleSoft to help our client

Insurance claim



Insurance giant QBE has fundamentally transformed the experience of its customers and brokers using the MuleSoft API-led integration platform.

One of the most successful deliveries of our Global Claims Change Programme.
   - Jack Walker, Claims Change Portfolio Manager, QBE



Insurance claim


What happens next

Find out how your business can benefit from API-led integration.


How to get in touch with Infomentum


We start with a free discovery call. This no-obligation chat helps us understand your objectives and the needs of your business, as well as how we can support your organisation's growth and development.

A free, one-day virtual discovery workshop with your stakeholders will ensure that the roadmap we create for you meets your exact needs. We'll walk you through our processes with transparency so you can see how we deliver each time-saving, productivity-boosting outcome.

You will receive a tailored roadmap for your integration and automation success.



Read more about our MuleSoft capabilities

case study

Mental Health Concern used MuleSoft to achieve seamless integration with the Salesforce ecosystem and collaborate with multiple partners.

case study

To evaluate MuleSoft's suitability, high-security level, and ease of use, the council engaged Infomentum to conduct a 1-day workshop.

web page

Leverage MuleSoft to connect siloed systems, automate a selected business process and demonstrate business value in only 90 days.

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