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The power of I'mHome

Achieve a 360-degree view of residential living environments with
smart sensors, IoT and integration technology.

In a matter of weeks, we connect your housing management systems (e.g. NEC, Civica, Orchard), CRMs (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics), payment solutions (e.g allpay), credit reporting solutions (e.g. Experian) and many other platforms to provide a 360-view of your tenants and managed properties. You can use the consolidated information to take a proactive approach to repairs and maintenance and identify potential hazards and vulnerable households.


With I'mHome, you can tackle fuel poverty, avoid costly repairs and save lives.

regulations-1Health and safety compliance

  • improved reporting,
  • potential hazards assessment,
  • early alerts for property risk inspections,
  • automated scheduling for assessment and repair,
  • higher levels of resident satisfaction.

reduce-costCost & load reduction

  • streamline administrative processes,
  • data-driven decision-making,
  • preventive maintenance for labour reduction,
  • reduction in complaints,
  • digital self-services to free up agents.

360-degreeA 360-view of properties

  • early detections of potential problems like fire, carbon monoxide (CO) or dampness,
  • tackle fuel poverty,
  • detect vulnerable households,
  • offer personalised services and recommendations.

decisionPrevention, not reaction

  • utilise predictive analytics to anticipate costly problems,
  • insights into tenant needs and preferences,
  • proactive management,
  • automated alert systems to increase tenant safety.

The vital components of I'mHome



Smart sensors

Smart sensors are devices installed in each property to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity and energy usage. They detect condensation, water leaks, and other potential issues. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the collected information can be securely shared with other systems and devices.

To develop the I'mHome solution, we're partnered with Switchee, one of the leading providers of smart sensors in the housing sector.

IMHome API solution


MuleSoft integration platform

The heart of I'mHome is MuleSoft's API-based integration platform. It is used to create integrations between any combination of applications, data sources, and devices. The MuleSoft platform provides a secure environment for managing, monitoring and reusing these integrations. Using MuleSoft, organisations can aggregate real-time data, streamline business processes and increase efficiency.

As MuleSoft's partner for many years, we can highly recommend it as a digital transformation enabler.

IMHome API solution



Demo: tenant and agent portals


Why I'mHome is the right choice



Benefits for social tenants

  • Meeting and exceeding evidenced safety and security, including smoke, gas, flood, and other hazardous conditions;
  • Proactive tips on how to reduce utility bills by optimising energy consumption;
  • Ensured health compliance as potential issues are identified to alert landlords to take action;
  • Improved communication using a 24/7 tenant portal and a wide range of self-service options;
  • Online access to housing and tenant information, landlord's reports;
  • submitting and tracking complaints.


Benefits for social landlords

  • A wealth of processed and analysed information for data-driven decision-making;
  • Maximised benefits from the existing systems and tools through integration;
  • Real-time property monitoring to identify issues before they become expensive problems;
  • More digital self-service options to satisfy residents' demands and reduce the load on staff;
  • Streamlined internal processes;
  • Improved maintenance and repair schedule;
  • Proactive property management through monitoring and data analysis.

The cost of council disrepair claims exceeded £14,000 in 2020-21 (Inside Housing report)

Discuss with our experts how IMHome can help reduce costs.

The cost of council disrepair claims exceeded £14M in 2020-21 (Inside Housing report)

Discuss with our experts how I'mHome can help reduce costs.

I'mHome for you

In a matter of weeks, you'll start realising the benefits of the integrated solution. Use innovative technologies to tackle fuel poverty, reduce costs and save lives.

Discuss your case with our social housing and digital transformation experts.

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