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Bringing on a best-in-class Digital Experience Platform

Magnolia Gold PartnerContent management systems (CMS) are essential for businesses hoping to produce an engaging customer journey. However, a traditional CMS often does not meet the needs of a growing enterprise. A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the next phase of CMS technology - this is where Magnolia steps in.



DXP Benefits


Gain value with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

  • A DXP goes beyond a CMS by creating a unified content ecosystem. By connecting various tools such as CRM, eCommerce, or analytics systems, you receive a holistic view of your digital landscape.
  • DXPs enable a more comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Where a basic CMS is built primarily for web content, a DXP supports a multi-channel approach for interfaces like in-store and mobile.
  • By leveraging user data in real-time, DXPs support advanced personalisation capabilities unmatched by a traditional CMS.

How will Magnolia enhance your digital strategy?

Magnolia's comprehensive DXP solution is designed to create a personalised multi-channel digital strategy while remaining flexible and agile as your business grows. According to the latest 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DXP report, Magnolia is a visionary platform in the DXP space.





Scale with your business

Teams must be agile to keep their digital experience strong as their company and content grow. Magnolia provides a strong framework to build the best content for each of your channels. Achieve personalisation and brand consistency even at the enterprise level.


Brand consistency

Magnolia aligns your content across various platforms and channels, helping you create a consistent digital experience.

Powerful personalisation ensures you're targeting each of your customers or employees with the right content at the right time.


Improve team independence

Magnolia's easy-to-use platform will benefit marketing, digital and tech teams alike. By streamlining content production and developer capabilities, teams can better allocate time to tasks that matter and minimise unnecessary dependencies.


Optimise analytics

Aligned data systems, SEO and A/B testing capabilities mean transparent analytics at your fingertips. You and your team can make the most informed decisions regarding your content, maximising your impact.


Joseph Pager"Magnolia has the enterprise grade power and security of a large player, paired with the agile speed and flexibility of a more niche provider."
     - Joseph Page, Regional Sales Manager, Magnolia CMS

From legacy CMS to enhanced DXP

Security laptop



A major security client found their legacy CMS no longer withstood the demands of the modern digital landscape. They chose Magnolia to modernise their digital estate, improve system integration and bring together siloed content onto one editor-friendly platform.

Magnolia DXP enabled them to deliver content faster, in a more efficient and intuitive way.

Our extensive expertise, paired with Magnolia's capabilities, helped tailor the best experience and sustainable platform for our client.


How we can maximise your results


As a proud Magnolia Gold Partner, we deliver a holistic experience - from migration, tailored setup and support to tailored training. Our expertise doesn't stop at getting Magnolia up and running. While Magnolia DXP offers its own connectors for many systems, these are confined to the platform.

Through our partnership, you'll get even more out of your system with our powerful integration, advanced search and managed services capabilities.

Why consider Magnolia

Marketers and Magnolia


Why should marketing teams switch to Magnolia?

  • Streamline omnichannel content production and ensure consistent brand experience.
  • Reduce execution dependency on the IT team.
  • Enhance SEO and A/B testing capabilities.
  • Access more holistic analytics.
  • Create a more modern internal and/or customer-facing digital experience.

IT teams and Magnolia


Why should IT teams switch to Magnolia?

  • Integrate legacy systems into a centralised platform.
  • Improve and sustain platform scalability as the organisation grows.
  • Enhance data security, cleanliness and accuracy.
  • Reduce/automate time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Strengthen content search framework.

IT teams and Magnolia


Our ultimate CMS evaluation checklist

Ready to ditch your CMS (5)


While many CMS platforms are great for startups, as your business grows and matures these platforms can't keep up. Is it time for your team to move to a CMS that fits your needs?

Stop second guessing - navigate your decision with our essential CMS checklist.


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Ready to enhance your digital capabilities?

Get in touch with us to discuss how you can leverage Magnolia to improve your content management and digital experience. As a Gold Partner, we will help you get the best out of the platform as well as share your vision.

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