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We are a trusted, highly specialised MuleSoft partner offering a wealth of expertise.

Get the most out of your API-led integration


Each masterclass workshop is unique, designed around your challenges and aspirations for your team. The class might take a day or, in some cases, even several days. Together, we select a challenging use case or especially complex features to explore during the workshop, agree on the agenda and goals.

from $7,000

For organisations that are scaling their API-led integration projects and need to get maximum reusability & scalability.

  • Explore Anypoint Platform's advanced features and capabilities.

  • Dive deep into APIs reusability and scalability.

  • Receive your calability & reusability review.

  • Get hands-on with some of pre-built accelerators from Infomentum's knowledge library.

  • Prove complex transformation & orchestration.

  • Explore CI/CD automation tools.

  • Run through Anypoint Platform best practice.

  • Discuss your challenging use cases with our top experts.

MuleSoft masterclass - Engagement process


How to get in touch with us

We start with a free discovery call. This no-obligation chat helps us understand your objectives and challenges to address in the workshop.

We will prepare and agree with your agenda for the day.

And, you are ready for your workshop!




Bespoke group masterclass we run


Prerequisites for hackathons



Preparation is vital for the success of a masterclass. During our discovery call, we'll help you define a specific use case and set clear objectives.

Prerequisites for hackathons


Agenda for hackaphon


On the day

Our expert classes are designed to provide each participant with the skills and confidence to use Anypoint platforms' full potential. The agenda of the day will entirely depend on your requirements.

The goal of our masterclasses is to encourage innovation and help de-risk and accelerate experimenting with API-connectivity and Anypoint platform.

On the day, the participants are divided into teams led by our experts to walk through a series of activities. The Infomentum team provides a detailed and easy to follow set of steps along the way. Our experts are there to guide and help. 

Outcomes of hackaphon



At the end of the workshop, the teams review what they have learnt and achieved during the day. We also allocate time for wider feedback on the whole experience. The teams usually find the event invigorating and very stimulating.

  • Innovate and prove-out complex business problems.

  • Master the art of API-led connectivity to demonstrate the value of re-using APIs and acceleration of future delivery.

  • Gain insights into advanced tips and tricks to take your enablement to the next level.

  • Push the boundaries of automation to enhance the quality of your product.

  • Gain confidence that MuleSoft and Infomentum can help achieve your business outcomes at pace and through maximising the potential of the platform.

Outcomes of hackaphon


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Evaluating MuleSoft? As a certified MuleSoft Partner, we organise 1-2 day workshops to trial MuleSoft's Anypoint integration platform.

Are you ready to master MuleSoft?

Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your goals and challenges. Use the masterclass to increase returns on your MuleSoft investments.


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