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Navigating data challenges

Discover how the Student Loan Company (SLC) tackled the challenge of creating a connected student 360-view, as shared by Susan Ritchie, Head of Enterprise Integration, at the MuleSoft Data Strategy PoV for Government conference in Edinburgh in 2023.

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Empowering government: data strategy with MuleSoft

By championing a data-driven culture and investing in robust data strategies, government organisations can optimise service delivery, enhance citizen experiences and create a thriving ecosystem of innovation.

Bruno Costa and Corrado de Candia presented data strategy at the MuleSoft Data Strategy PoV for Government event, Edinburgh in June 2023.

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Comparing the real value of API-led vs point-to-point integration

Costs, benefits and values of the most common approaches to system integration: point-to-point and API-led connectivity (MuleSoft).

Organisations that focus entirely on short-term benefits often fail to apprehend the true value and opportunities generated by API-led connectivity. Integration-based transformation is not just about connecting a few systems and applications. It's about changing the old ways of thinking, working and serving customers.

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Truth & myths about API and RPA

API and RPA are like non-identical twins - similar and different simultaneously. Both technologies aim to reduce or entirely remove human intervention from business processes that deal with information exchange. However, their approaches are entirely different.

We've separated facts about API-led integration and Robotic Automation from myths to help you make informed decisions, avoid mistakes and gain maximum benefits.

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What is MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?

We've put together some frequently asked questions about MuleSoft and its differentiation, Anypoint integration platform, APIs and vCores, subscription model and licensing. The goal of this Q&A page is to provide a jargon-free overview and explain MuleSoft concepts in plain English.

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MuleSoft automation in plain language

Everything you need to know about MuleSoft Automation. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a common choice for organisations with many routine processes that are both manual and repetitive. Rule-based tasks, data entry and verification can be an ineffective use of man-hours and error-prone.

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A clear path to API-led integration success

How to start a successfull system integration journey? Presenting our 3-stage roadmap.

Most of our clients are keen to get hands-on experience with the market-leading integration platform and see how it matches their in-house skill set. There was a real emphasis around the need to show value to their business and customers in a short timeframe. So how could they produce an MVP (minimum viable product) within 2-3 months that demonstrate results and return on investment?

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MuleSoft for Java developers: Build your first connector by extending the Mule Java SDK

This meetup targeted Java developers. Our integration experts explained how to customise MuleSoft's Anypoit platform by building a custom connector to Amazon Polly Service. It synthesises text into human-like speech. Over a hundred Java developers joined us to learn about the system connectors in MuleSoft and how to build them for a Mule runtime. The highlight of the meetup was a very cool demo.

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