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We are a highly specialised MuleSoft and Salesforce partner offering a wealth of expertise.

Transforming universities

With the rise in remote and hybrid digital learning, universities face fierce competition from education establishments worldwide. Higher education institutions are under enormous pressure to make the most of their restricted resources and budgets:

  • Offer a top-rate digital experience to students and staff. 
  • Boost operational efficiency.
  • Build a smart campus model.
  • Open up new opportunities.
  • Support online academic research and lab work.
  • Prepare the students for future employability.
  • Promote innovation and creativity.

Fragmented digital experience & disconnected processes

Are you among 70% of universities that still heavily rely on legacy platforms selected years ago while investing in modern tools to demonstrate the expected level of digital maturity?


According to UCL, many universities still use students and staff to fill gaps in digitally disconnected internal processes and services. Stakeholders, such as faculty, admissions, marketing and finance, require a smart, collaborative workplace to support students and take education to the next level.


From a smooth remote enrollment and effective online learning to a hybrid campus model and support services - a seamless omnichannel student experience is only possible by changes in the entire academic organisations' IT ecosystem.

Higher education - digital experience

API-led integration for universities of tomorrow

higher education - disconnected processes

Misalignment between educational activities and IT strategy concerns many universities. IT departments often lack the capacity to leverage the latest technologies to drive changes. That results in failure to deliver a high level of academic services, staff inefficiency and low benefits from tech investments.


MuleSoft is the world-leading solution for developing and managing application networks. It is widely used to integrate siloed sources of information to release their full potential, increase agility and deliver a connected digital experience.

Why Infomentum - our approach

We understand that your IT team might be extremely busy keeping the business running, so our MuleSoft experts would design, deliver and manage your API-led integration solutions.


  • your team should always remain in full control of your projects;
  • as a MuleSoft certified training partner, we provide the best instructors in the industry;
  • your resources are 100% enabled to take over the development when required;
  • we often work on a hybrid basis, sharing our expertise and giving your team a helping hand when required;
  • we work together towards your goals.
Infomentum applies API-led integration

CASE STUDY brunel university thumbnail A++ digital services to Brunel University

Infomentum's knowledge of MuleSoft has enabled us to leverage expertise not present within the in-house teams.
  - Simon Benford, Software Development Manager at Brunel University


Brunel University London strives to provide ultimate excellence in teaching and research. Facing the disruption in academic studies, its leaders recognised the power of shared data to delight students and other stakeholders. To support the transformation, the tech team invested in building 'tightly coupled' connections between their existing systems. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that they had fallen into a 'point-to-point integration trap'.


The university required a cleaner, secure, sustainable solution to build foundations for future initiatives and innovations.

MuleSoft API management platform enables standardising APIs' production to 'plug in' new systems into the growing IT environment. The internal team is taking full advantage of APIs reusability to reduce the time and effort of each subsequent integration project. Built-in multi-layers of intelligent protection meet the team's security and data integrity requirements.


Infomentum supports Brunel University by providing MuleSoft managed services that combine top experts, best practices and processes. The university's API landscape and infrastructure are in safe hands, allowing the internal tech team to focus on strategic objectives and goals.

Unsure about using MuleSoft to integrate your systems?


Discuss your case with our MuleSoft experts. As a certified partner of both Salesforce and MuleSoft, we will not only guide you to get the best of both platforms but also share your vision and values.


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