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Bridging communication. Minimising call inquiries. Streamlining Victim's Journey.

In today's challenging landscape, police forces are inundated with calls from victims of crime seeking case updates, leading to significant resource drains. Many of these calls are improperly handled due to dispersed and unclear information across various systems. The result? An estimated £250 million in squandered resources annually and dwindling public trust.

Police - Citizen Engagement Platform

However, there's a digital shift on the horizon. Progressive police forces harness technology to revolutionise the victim's journey, aiming for aggregated information and efficient communication. This ensures victims remain updated and the load on call centres is lessened. This strategic shift is more than just technology integration; it’s about putting victims at the heart of the process, rebuilding their trust and optimising police operations for the future.


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What is Victim's Journey Accelerator?


Our Victim's Journey Accelerator is a suite of pre-built modules, like APIs and system adaptors, combined with our expertise specifically designed to expedite the establishment of a comprehensive citizen engagement platform. The outcome? Efficient support for victims and optimised operations for police in just a few weeks, fostering enhanced public trust.


Christopher Philpott, ACO, Director of Enabling Services at Humberside Police

"We have already sent between 2,000 and 2,500 messages with updates to victims of crimes within a couple of weeks of going live with the system. As a Force, I don't think we have ever taken a project from concepts to delivery in such a rapid space of time."
- Christopher Philpott, Assistant Chief Officer and Director of Enabling Services, commented the Victim's Journey project at Humberside Police (from CSW August 2023)

A seamless transition through the aftermath of crime

The trauma of a crime can be overwhelming. Victim's Journey Accelerator, our integration solution, helps bridge the gap between victims of crime and police officers, ensuring a smooth, transparent, supportive experience.


policeman helping a girl-cyclist


The outcome for victims of crime:

  • Real-time crime insights: Receive immediate crime notifications detailing the crime reference number, officer assignments and ongoing actions.

  • Always connected: Through emails and text messages, stay consistently informed from incident onset to resolution. With two-way communication, maintain direct contact with the assigned officer.

  • Trusted tracking: Every post-crime message is meticulously documented, ensuring sensitive information reaches victims with the utmost precision and care.

police officers with kids


The outcome for police officers:

  • Instant field updates: Empowering officers with real-time communication tools to swiftly and compassionately connect with victims.

  • Strengthened community trust: Transparent, prompt communication by police bolsters community confidence and cooperation.

  • Quicker case resolutions: Efficient processes and integrated data enable officers to resolve cases faster and more effectively.

  • Effective public engagement: Multiple channels allow police to easily connect with the public, gather feedback, and source information. 

  • Enhanced disaster response: The Citizen Engagement platform could streamline emergency communications, team coordination and community outreach during crises.

police officers with kids


Benefits analysis & ROI: unlocking value and efficiency

Police forces are under increasing pressure to manage vast call volumes without compromising on victim experience. Our solution is the key.

money saving


Through proactive engagement and self-services for victims, we foresee a dramatic lightening of the load on call centres.

increased satisfaction

Increased satisfaction

With our solution in place, citizen satisfaction could rise significantly, alongside a 36% boost in strategy execution speed.


Continuous improvement

Periodic feedback loops ensure ongoing growth, praising excellence while highlighting opportunities for enhancement.

maintaining excellence

Maintaining excellence

Complying with victim rights and regulatory feedback guarantees victims receive essential and timely updates.

Humberside Police's swift transformation


Humberside PoliceCASE STUDY

Addressing the pressing concern where 1 in 5 calls, or 54,000 annually, to their control room were victims seeking updates, Humberside Police embarked on a mission to enhance their citizen engagement and revolutionise the victims' journey.

By implementing a comprehensive citizen engagement platform, they aim to keep victims informed about their case progress, reducing the call load and elevating trust.

This centralisation of information eliminated inefficiencies and enabled officers to offer more tailored support. As a direct outcome, victims felt more valued and informed, restoring public faith in law enforcement.



The Victim Journey Accelerator in a nutshell


Our solution leverages the capabilities of Salesforce and MuleSoft. It offers a seamless, efficient and citizen-centric approach for police forces, promoting transparency, trust and effective communication.

The Police Accelerator is a library of pre-built modules designed to supercharge the development of a comprehensive citizen engagement platform. Instead of starting from scratch, you can leverage these modules to tailor a platform to your unique needs. The accelerator reduces development time, mitigates risks and ensures best practices. This means faster deployment, enhanced engagement, and, ultimately, more efficient police operations.

Police-API-led - Policing v2.drawio


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The Art of Possible in Policing


Victim Journey Accelerator - MuleSoft system integration

A versatile API-based integration platform that connects various platforms, applications and devices, irrespective of their location - on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.

  • Modern APIs: Designed for ease and reusability, these APIs standardise data access while ensuring robust security, performance and scalability.
  • API-led Connectivity: This transformative approach emphasises the importance of APIs as reusable assets. Instead of constantly developing from scratch, forces can tap into pre-built integrations, ensuring faster project deliveries and significant cost savings.


Citizen engagement - Experience Cloud (Portal)

The Digital Experiences portal fosters a dynamic two-way connection with citizens. This platform, driven by Salesforce, reimagines how police forces engage with the public, streamlining interactions and bolstering trust.

  • Self-Service Capabilities: Reduce dependency on traditional communication means. Citizens can effortlessly access case details, communicate directly with officers and benefit from an intuitive knowledge base.
  • Multilingual Support: The portal automatically detects and displays in the user's browser language, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Personalised Engagement: Tailored content delivery, with provisions to share text, image or video content, enhancing communication effectiveness.


Digital Transformation - Engagement Platform: Salesforce

At its core, our solution places the citizen. It bridges all interaction points, ensuring personalised, timely and intelligent engagement.

  • Holistic Citizen Understanding: Amalgamate data for a unified citizen profile, helping forces understand individual needs and preferences.
  • AI-Driven Engagement: Use AI tools to finetune messages' timing, frequency and content. Ensure that each interaction is personalised and contextually relevant.
  • Omnichannel Communication: Seamlessly communicate across channels – from emails and SMS to web portals, providing consistent citizen experiences.

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