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Common concerns about Mule 4 upgrade


Do I need to upgrade to Mule 4?

  • The Extended Support for Mule 3.x is expensive and coming to an end in a few months;
  • Using unsupported software is highly risky;
  • Stop wasting investments on outdated technology;
  • Benefit from Mule 4 - build faster and manage APIs easier.
upgrade to Mule 4 without delay

Will the upgrade delay my progress?

  • A marginal delay is unavoidable but the upgrade is  an opportunity to review APIs and requirements;
  • Save time by offloading the migration to a partner while your team focuses on ongoing development;
  • Reduce the number of APIs through redesign and consolidation;
  • Assess the number of licensed cores that you actually need.
upgrade to Mule 4 without disruption

How to upgrade without disruption?

  • Involve experts to leverage advanced capabilities;
  • Plan carefully, allocate time and resources;
  • Migration of a large number of APIs might take months and at a significant cost so plan the upgrade well in advance.
  • Take an iterative approach running both Mule versions in parallel where possible.
benefits of Mule4 upgrade

What are the benefits of Mule 4?

  • Never upgrade 'as-is' or move the same point2point mess to a new platform.
  • Enhance the quality of your delivery by leveraging new components, connectors and features.
  • Fully benefit from reuse to accelerate future project delivery and move away from a culture of point2point.

Why move to Mule 4 with Infomentum?


Smooth migration

With a solid foundation, you are in a strong position to accelerate on the other side of the migration. Free your team to focus on further development on Mule 4 while we deal with the migration.

Select one of our Upgrade Kits for a smooth, risk-free upgrade.

Upgrade with value

Our guidance will ensure fast adoption of API-led connectivity principles and a 'reuse first' approach to help you save 40% on every new project!

MuleSoft training will empower your team and accelerate cultural changes.

Optimised licensing

Avoid a steep increase in licensing cost to cover both platforms. Our experts help you define a strategic approach around API architecture and licensing consumption. We plan an iterative approach running both Mule versions in parallel and using cores efficiently.

Infomentum adapted quickly not just to QBE’s delivery approach but also to what was a complex delivery for us. Their input has been invaluable, and their technical skills and ability to deliver against a tight timetable was key. 
          - Jack Walker, Claims Change Portfolio Manager, QBE


Migration to Mule 4 that adds business value


As a part of all Upgrade Kits, you receive a consultation and a thorough assessment of your existing APIs. Most customers trust our experts not only to guide but to handle the overall Mule 4 upgrade.

Don't forget to include MuleSoft Training! We can organise private training events for your team to learn new and advanced Mule 4 features.



The tailored migration roadmap will ensure a strong start and a hassle-free upgrade. Your migration strategy includes the estimated migration effort and a detailed deployment approach.

Review your existing API implementation:

  • Deployment approach (CloudHub, on-premise, RTF).
  • Effort estimates.
  • Plan & Roadmap (a high-level delivery plan on how to phase the migration based on your main challenges).
  • Project dependencies.

Trust our experts to develop a migration strategy and move your selected business process to CloudHub. As a bonus, get access to our Acceleration Kit - a comprehensive set of documented standards, best practices and accelerators.

  • The existing API implementation's review.
  • Technical Design (API-led view for a selected use case).
  • Migration of a selected use case (up to 5 APIs).
  • 30 days of API design & development.
  • Save up to $100K with our 50-day Acceleration Kit.

Offload the burden of the upgrade, trust our MuleSoft experts to migrate your complex business processes. Free your team to develop further and add more business value while we move your existing projects. 

  • Review the existing APIs implementation.
  • Prepare a Technical Design (Application Network and API-led view)
  • Migrate selected business-critical use cases to CloudHub.
  • 90 days of API design & development.
  • Save up to $100K with our 50-day Acceleration Kit.
Engagement process - Mule 4 upgrade


Start your upgrade today!

Migrating to Mule 4 with Infomentum is straightforward.

Step 1. Fill in the form below.

Step 2. We call you back to discuss your situation and goals.

Step 3. Receive recommendations and your tailored migration roadmap.




Supported Mule versions and support deadlines


Mule version End of standard support End of extended support
3.9 20 March 2021 20 March 2024
3.8 16 November 2018 16 November 2021
3.7 16 November 2017 25 January 2020
3.6 15 January 2017 N/A
3.5 15 July 2016
(on-premises only)
25 January 2020
(on-premises only)
3.4 and bellow Grandfathered until
31 December 2016
(on-premises only)
3.2, 3.3 Grandfathered until
December 31, 2016
(on-premises only)

Source: MuleSoft website


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