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The Art of Possible in social housing repairs

26 September 2023 @ 11am / 2pm

Unlock the future of housing repair at our workshop. Ideal for housing associations and local councils seeking to bridge the resident-landlord information gap.

Dive deep into real-time repair tracking, streamline requests and enhance partner collaboration.

Result? Fewer resident enquiries, reduced call centre load and satisfied tenants.

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Social housing: the Art of Possible

28 September 2023, 11 AM

Join our enlightening workshop, 'Social Housing: the Art of Possible'. Explore seamless integration techniques to shatter data silos. Dive into our 'I'M Home' solution tailored for social landlords to ensure resident well-being.

Share insights on prevailing trends, challenges and ways to actualise your vision. Perfect for decision-makers in local authorities and housing associations.

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Get hands-on with MuleSoft

On demand

A tester workshop to get close and personal with MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform.

It's one thing listening to vendors' pitches, but quite another to let your team test a platform on your use cases and systems.

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Experience the power of Salesforce with MuleSoft

1-day workshop on demand

Is Salesforce with MuleSoft a good fit for your organisation?

Get the answer in 1 day by signing up for our MuleSoft + Salesforce workshop. We start by discussing and selecting a use case and systems to be tested during the workshop.

Each workshop is unique and carefully tailored to satisfy your specific requirements and goals.

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MuleSoft masterclass

1-2 days on demand

Tailored workshops for experienced MuleSoft users to master MuleSoft and accelerate enablement.

Each masterclass workshop is unique, designed around your challenges and aspirations for your team. The class might take a day or, in some cases, even several days. Together, we select a challenging use case or especially complex features to explore during the workshop, agree on the agenda and goals.

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Taste the power of integration & automation

1-day workshop on demand

Get the most out of API and RPA. Why not let your team spend a day accessing MuleSoft integration and automation capabilities?

The workshop participants learn the foundations of the Anypoint Platform and the process automations tool, the new addition to the MuleSoft family. Most importantly, discover how APIs and RPA Bots can effectively and harmoniously work together.

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