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MuleSoft licensing


MuleSoft licensing is a subscription-based model which is renewed on an annual basis. The pricing plans are consistent regardless of the deployment approach taken: Cloud, On-Premise or even a Hybrid of the two. The Anypoint base subscription is the default entry point and other add-on functionality can be purchased on top of it.


Licensing is driven by the number of cores needed to run the APIs or applications (a core is described as a unit of processing power).



How many cores do I need to purchase?


The answer depends on many factors and is something we will help you understand through a collaborative exercise of Demand Planning and Calculating Capacity (a part of our License & Architecture Review). During this activity, we dig deeper into your sizing requirements (cores) based on what you need today and in future years. Through a deep understanding of your project needs, we create an initial view of your API-led architecture. We also establish a complexity level for each API based on a set of needs: Transactions per Second (TPS), Response Times (ms), Payload Size (kb), and High Availability (HA).


Often customers don't have all the information to drive out an accurate sizing. In this case, the base platform is a good starting point. All MuleSoft Anypoint Platform subscriptions come with a minimum license entry point of 4 non-production and 2 production vCores. You can then procure additional vCores when needed without having to upgrade your subscription to the next tier.



Are there any other factors to consider?


Yes, it's not just about the core count. The following factors should be considered when building up the appropriate subscription:


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