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We are a trusted, highly specialised MuleSoft and Salesforce partner offering a wealth of expertise.

Salesforce + MuleSoft workshop

Is Salesforce with MuleSoft a good fit for your organisation?

You can get the answer in 1 day by signing up for our tester workshop. Before the event, we discuss and select a use case and systems to be tested during the workshop. Each event is unique and tailored to satisfy your specific requirements and goals.

Your team spends 1-2 days evaluating Salesforce Experience Cloud, MuleSoft's Anypoint integration platform, and its various assets and connectors.


During the workshop

The attendees need no prior Salesforce and MuleSoft experience.

  • The day starts with an overview of Salesforce Experience Cloud and MuleSoft API-led methodology.
  • Hands-on activity. The students are divided into teams to walk through a series of activities under the supervision of our experts. Step through a defined set of use cases with a complete build of a Customer portal where data is pulled from Salesforce CRM and 3rd parties via MuleSoft APIs.
    1. Building and configuring a Salesforce Experience Cloud Site without code.
    2. Learn how to use Experience Builder.
    3. Build and Deploy MuleSoft APIs to retrieve data from 3rd parties.
    4. Build an Experience Cloud custom components to render data from a MuleSoft API.
  • At the end of the day, the teams discuss the exercises, challenges and results. We also save some time for some broader feedback on the whole experience.

Outcomes & benefits

  • Accessing both platforms in a day could be especially beneficial in the software selection process.
  • Demonstrating the ease of use and suitability of both platforms.
  • The workshop is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the available assets and connectors.
  • Experience Salesforce with MuleSoft on a real use case and test connectors to your systems.
  • Branded Experience Cloud Portal with a logged-in area.
  • Integration with Salesforce CMS.
  • Build custom Lightning components.
  • Integration with a system of record via MuleSoft API-led connectivity.
  • Minimal transformation & orchestration.
  • Branded Experience Cloud Portal with a logged-in area.
  • Personalisation and audit targeting.
  • Integration with Service Cloud, CMS, Marketing Cloud (optional).
  • Integration with up to 2 systems of record via MUleSoft API-led connectivity.
  • Medium complexity transformation & orchestration.

What happens next?

Arrange your workshop in 3 simple steps.

Start MuleSoft workshop



We start with a free discovery call to understand your objectives and challenges.

We spend a few days preparing your agenda for the day.

And, you are ready for your workshop!



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The MuleSoft workshop generates tremendous amounts of value for the participants and provides an opportunity for rapid innovation.


[webinar with GovNet] Our experts discuss the 3-stage roadmap for starting and expanding an API-led integration transformation.

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Validate API-connectivity for a business process, create a foundation with reusable assets and demonstrate business value in only 90 days.

Learn more about the workshop.

Describe your requirements and the use case you would like to test. Our integration experts will prepare and organise a bespoke workshop based on your goals.

You will be surprised how much your team can achieve in a day!


Call us on +44 (0)203 743 8014 or fill in the form, and we'll contact you within 24 hours.