It's one thing listening to vendors' pitches, but quite another to let your team test a platform on your use cases.

We design, organise and run 1-2 day MuleSoft online hackathons. It's a fast and effective way to experience an end-to-end full API lifecycle for your specific use cases.

We organise and run MuleSoft hackathons


Virtual hackathons are perfect for testing and validating the MuleSoft Anypoint integration platform. As a result, your team will

  • gain hands-on experience to trial the platform
  • evaluate some of the platform assets and connectors
  • have 'an espresso shot' of collaboration and innovation
  • build fully-functioning API-led connectivity between selected systems in less than 8 hours.

Online hackathons we run


Depending on the complexity of your challenges and goals, we suggest a standard or more advanced hackathon. Each event is unique and requires days of careful preparation on our side.


We start the day with an overview of API-led connectivity and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. The participants are then divided into teams led by our experts to walk through a series of activities. Although all exercises are very hands-on, the attendees do not require any prior MuleSoft experience. The Infomentum team provides a very detailed and easy to follow set of steps along the way. Our experts are there to guide and help. 


At the end of the day, the teams review what they have learnt and achieved during the day. We also allocate time for a wider feedback on the whole experience. The teams usually find the event invigorating and very stimulating.


A standard 1-day virtual hackathon

  • 5 days of preparation and 1 day of execution
  • Connect up to 3 systems
  • Up to 10 data fields
  • Minimal transformation & orchestration

A 2-day advanced virtual hackathon

  • 8 days of preparation and 2 days of execution
  • Connect up to 4 systems
  • Up to 20 data fields
  • Tailored customer transformations

Our approach


Prerequisites for a Hackathon



Preparation is the key to success. We help you to define a specific use case and set clear objectives:

  • what are you trying to validate?
  • what systems to be involved?
  • how easily can connectivity between systems be put in place? (connectivity must be in place in advance of the hackathon)

Set up the environment. Ensure all participants have installed on their machines prior to the hackathon the following software tools:

  • Java JDK
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Studio
  • REST Client (e.g. Postman).
Prerequisites for a Hackathon


Agenda for hackathon


On the day

The days of hackathons are always intense and exciting. This is our rough agenda for the day:

  • Introduction to MuleSoft API-led Connectivity and Anypoint Platform (90min).
  • Your teams step through a defined set of use cases with a complete API lifecycle experience that covers
    • design the API-led architecture
    • build the API RAML Specifications with mock data in Anypoint Designer
    • publish to Anypoint Exchange
    • develop the APIs with MUnit tests in Anypoint Studio
    • deploy the APIs to CloudHub.
  • Finish the day with playback of APIs
  • Share feedback.

Outcomes of hackaphon



Online hackathons are excellent for testing ideas and new platforms, stimulate creativity and innovation.

  • Ease of use - hackathon is an effective way to evaluate some of the platform's assets and connectors.
    Can an integration really be achieved during the hackathon?
  • Enablement - it's an effective way for developers and testers to gain hands-on experience to trial the platform.
  • Confidence - get the confidence that MuleSoft and Infomentum can help you achieve your business objectives.

Outcomes of hackaphon


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How to engage us

We currently run all our hackathons online. Virtual hackathons are safe and as effective as in-person ones.

Call us to discuss your objectives and we can start preparing for your hackathon tomorrow. Let us start with a Discovery Call.






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Experience the power of Anypoint integration platform

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