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It's one thing listening to vendors' pitches, but quite another to let your team test a platform on your use cases.


The 1-day intro into MuleSoft API-led connectivity is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience building APIs and assess the platform against business requirements and its ease of use.


During the 2-day workshop, your team will explore Anypoint Platform's capabilities and build a full functioning API-led connectivity for your more complex use case. It's a good test to ensure the platform is a good fit for your precise needs.

What you can expect


Preparation is the key to success. We help you select and define a specific use case to test during the workshop and set clear objectives for the day.

On the day

The days of hackathons are always intense and exciting. 

  • Introduction to MuleSoft API-led connectivity and Anypoint Platform (90min).
  • Step through a defined set of use cases with a complete API lifecycle experience.
  • Finish the day with playback of APIs.
  • Share feedback.


  • Ease of use - evaluate some of the platform's assets and connectors.
  • Enablement - gain hands-on experience to trial the platform.
  • Confidence - gain confidence that MuleSoft and Infomentum can help you achieve your business objectives.


What our customers say

Chat to our experts to find out how your
team can benefit from the MuleSoft Workshop.


Read about how our MuleSoft Workshop helped
Guilford Council make the right choice.


Local council - waste management service

Our 1-day hackathon-style workshop was tailored to address the goals and challenges of Guildford Council.

guildford small-1 CASE STUDY


Guildford Council aspired to provide a richer digital experience to their customers and call-centre agents.

Our 1-day workshop helped the council prove the suitability of the MuleSoft platform. The council is now confidently applying API-led integration to optimise their processes and enhance services.

Results at a glance:

  • Tested API-led connectivity on their waste-management process.
  • Tried the out-of-the-box Salesforce connector.
  • Got insights into MuleSoft’s capabilities.
  • Proved that API-led integration was the right solution for them.



Local council - waste management service

Our 1-day hackathon-style workshop was tailored to address the goals and challenges of Guildford Council.

What happens next?

Arrange your MuleSoft Workshop in 3 simple steps.

Start MuleSoft workshop



We start with a free discovery call. This no-obligation chat helps us understand your objectives and challenges to address in the workshop.

Describe your use case and requirements using our Hackathon template. Call to confirm the details. We will prepare your agenda for the day.

And, you are ready for your workshop!



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