A step towards hyper-automation.



Choosing between API-led integration and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?  

Our bespoke 1-day hackathon-style class gives your team an opportunity to trial the MuleSoft API-led integration platform and Automation Anywhere robotic automation.

Most importantly, test how API and RPA bots can effectively work together to optimise business processes and accelerate digital transformation.

  • End-to-end process transformation that includes backend integration and front-end robotic automation.
  • Bots calling APIs are more robust, effective and easy to manage.
  • APIs can initiate Bots.
  • Get the best of both technologies by combining them together.

API & RPA hackathons we run

A virtual workshop designed for your team to evaluate both APIs and RPA

A standard 1-day virtual hackathon

  • Select a use case to test both integration and automation
  • Connect up to 2 systems or data sources.
  • Limit to approx 10 fields of data.
  • Automate a business process linked to your integration use case. 
  • Gain hands-on of the Automation Anywhere Bots for Mule 4 connector.
  • Test the end-to-end integration & automation flow.

Our approach


Prerequisites for a Hackathon



Preparation is the key to success. We help you to define a specific use case and set clear objectives:

  • what are you trying to validate?
  • what systems to be involved?
  • how easily can connectivity between systems be put in place? (connectivity must be in place in advance of the hackathon)
  • how will APIs and RPA communicate and exchange data?  

Set up the environment. Ensure all participants have installed on their machines prior to the hackathon the following software tools:

  • Java JDK
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Studio
  • REST Client (e.g. Postman).
Prerequisites for a Hackathon


Agenda for hackathon


On the day

Our workshops are always intense and exciting. This is our rough agenda for the day:

  • Introduction to MuleSoft API-led Connectivity and Anypoint Platform (90min).
  • Introduction to RPA Automation Anywhere.
  • The team experiences a complete API lifecycle including the following activities:
    • design the API-led architecture
    • build the API RAML Specifications with mock data in Anypoint Designer
    • publish to Anypoint Exchange
    • develop the APIs with MUnit tests in Anypoint Studio
    • deploy the APIs to CloudHub.
  • Your team steps through a series of tasks of creating a Bot that covers:
    • analyse the suitability of your business process
    • design your process via the AA Control Room
    • build & run your bot.
  • Combine a new bot with your MuleSoft API-based application:
    • API calls your new Bot
    • Bot initiates an  API call
  • Trigger your end-to-end integration & automation flow.
  • Share feedback

Outcomes of hackaphon



The API & RPA hackathon is a unique opportunity for your team to experience both MuleSoft and AA platforms - the major players in the integration and automation space. Furthermore, they will learn how both technologies can work together to achieve outstanding results.

  • Enablement - gain hands-on experience with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and AA bots.
  • Understanding - learn and test how to combine integration and automation to get the most benefit.
  • Ease of use - evaluate the platforms' main features.
  • Confidence - get the confidence that MuleSoft, AA and Infomentum can help you achieve your business objectives.

Outcomes of hackaphon


Contact us to organise your MuleSoft hackathon


How to engage us

We currently run all our workshops online. Virtual hackathons are safe and as effective as physical events.  

Let us start with a Discovery Call to discuss your goals and use case.

Each workshop is unique, therefore we take about 3-5 days to prepare your agenda and activities for the day.




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Ready to conduct your hackathon?

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