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Intelligently classifying web content, documents, spreadsheets and other digital assets on a budget, without the need to administer bespoke tools can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have developed iCE (Infomentum Classification Engine) Ontology to give our customers a cost effective classification capability.

iCE Ontology takes taxonomy-based classification to the next level. By adding multi-dimensional relationships and properties to each term in the tree, iCE Ontology provides a far more enhanced search offering, delivering a customisable and flexible solution at a fraction of the cost of bespoke classification solution.

The results for our customers are ECM systems that are grounded in knowledge and insight – and empowered to develop based on common and sound foundations.

This powerful classification engine has a number of key components:

Ontology Loader – supporting OWL standard format taxonomies/ ontologies.

Administration – maintaining the tree from within the tight integrated Protege, open source Ontology management tool, supporting managing relationships, adding synonyms/thesaurus, managing broader and narrower terms.

Content Classification – multiple term content tagging with just the flick of a button, searching within the terms, automatic propagation of related terms.

Content Consumption – content searching by semantics matching, surfacing relevant content driven by relationships and human persuasive analytics.

Information Workplace

Imagine… a connected enterprise... We all know the problem: just too much data and content in different formats, and too much time wasted looking for information.

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List of our clients

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Content Capture

A vast amount of time and knowledge is wasted every day thanks to paper-based documents. They’re difficult to find, expensive to store and make searching for critical information a slow and error-prone activity. And it’s not just legacy content holding organisations back. Many companies are still reliant on paper-based processes even as they transition to becoming a more digital workplace.

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Clear ECM vision

Enterprise content management (ECM) is an end-to-end process that impacts every area of your business. Which is why it’s so important to get every stage right.

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Enterprise Content Management

Large organisations are bursting at the seams with information. Structured data, unstructured data, transactions, paper – all business critical and all scattered across the enterprise.

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