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In the past, records management involved little more than a warehouse and an indexing system. Now, with digital content, emails, attachments, web-based projects and more, managing records is highly complicated. And – thanks to legal compliance requiring proof that records are both stored and destroyed securely – it’s getting more complex by the day.

Failure to show effective records management can have severe consequences – not only in terms of censure and fines, but also in terms of reputation costs.

Improving collaboration and minimising risk

We are experts in helping organisations put robust and compliant records management capabilities in place. These enable them to control the creation, retention and ultimately destruction of critical business records. This results in improved compliance, minimised litigation risk and lower storage costs.

Streamlined records management for McDonalds

With over 80,000 people working, the McDonalds HR team needed a self-service HR portal that would allow them to access records and share confidential information with employees.

We designed a simple-to-use portal enabling staff to access their personal information, book holidays and update their records – safely and securely. The new system has streamlined HR processes, reduced administrative costs and ensured employee records are stored securely.

Flexible and Agile

There’s only one thing certain when it comes to today’s digital landscape: change. Which is why there’s an increasing need for enterprise content management to be delivered in an agile and flexible way.

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Project Delivery

We have the skills and expertise to manage project delivery, from defining your business needs to testing, content migration and training.

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Agile Delivery

There are many ways of approaching ECM project delivery. But at Infomentum we only believe in one: the right one for you.

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