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Large organisations are bursting at the seams with information. Structured data, unstructured data, transactions, paper – all business critical and all scattered across the enterprise.

This is where enterprise content management (ECM) comes in. ECM is a way of organising and storing an organisation’s content in a way that’s easily accessible when needed, where needed, by just the people who need it.

Keeping information flowing

The ultimate aim of ECM is free-flowing information, enhanced collaboration and ultimately a more efficient working environment. It’s also the first step on the road towards a true Information Workplace.

Enterprise content management is where we excel. We’ve helped many organisations implement seamless and efficient systems that enable them to capture, store and share information. Simply, it saves them time, effort and money.

ECM for BAE Systems

BAE Systems had masses of information that needed to be presented in 17 languages, all from a centralised enterprise content management platform. We designed, developed and now support a highly-functional, interactive and easy-to-use website that reflects BAE System’s brand. We also provided them with an ECM roadmap to future proof the solution.

Flexible and Agile

There’s only one thing certain when it comes to today’s digital landscape: change. Which is why there’s an increasing need for enterprise content management to be delivered in an agile and flexible way.

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Project Delivery

We have the skills and expertise to manage project delivery, from defining your business needs to testing, content migration and training.

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Agile Delivery

There are many ways of approaching ECM project delivery. But at Infomentum we only believe in one: the right one for you.

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