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We helped The Prince’s Trust adopt digital and break down barriers so vulnerable young people could access its vital support.

Proud to report:
increase in web enquiries
reduction in manual forms
increase in website sessions

How we made it work

For 40 years, youth charity The Prince’s Trust has been a lifeline for thousands of vulnerable young people. Yet to change a million more lives in the next decade, first it needed to change itself. The charity first approached Infomentum with a problem: 'How can we improve our manual, internal processes to better serve the young people at the heart of the charity?' It's important not to simply 'throw technology' at a problem, but to instead understand where young people were facing barriers when contacting The Trust. 

“Infomentum understood our journey and what we wanted to achieve. They were able to successfully deliver technology to meet our business needs and the quality of their service was outstanding. Without question, Infomentum has helped The Prince’s Trust change the lives of even more young people.”                          Martina Milburn, CEO

To start the project we initiated our Customer Engagement Framework: Shift. Shape. Sustain. This was to help The Prince's Trust establish the long term vision of how to digitise the organisation, and identify where operational inefficiencies were lying. Our cost-effective cloud platform was built on their existing legacy data, so still able to integrate with the new technology: a solution that didn’t break the bank but enabled them to streamline their systems and processes.

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Momentum gained

The end result? The charity has a hybrid, part-private part-public, cloud solution that meets their needs. This hybrid offers high security levels– essential for the sensitive data that the charity handles. We also overhauled their website user interface, making it easier to use.

With a new business intelligence platform, the charity can switch from a monthly, paper based report to real-time, customised data to enable them to better track and manage young people’s progress. Their data team can now focus on solving complex, strategic issues; not compiling a monthly report. It offers one version of the truth, allowing the Prince's Trust to accurately track a young person's journey to provide better support and demonstrate the impact that stakeholder's funding has on young lives.

A new CRM system ensures that the charity can track and support young people every step of the way.

Princes Trust: young people

Key deliverables achieved

  • Website sessions were up 19.6%, with a 20% increase in users, with each user viewing 18.3% more pages.

  • Reduction in data entry by up to 25%

  • Reduction in manual forms by 37%

  • 115% increase in web enquiries and 109% increase in 0800 enquiries, resulting in over 3,000 web enquiries being received per week

  • 9% increase in total submissions to our 'Get in touch' form and a 40% increase via mobile

Discover more about how we helped The Prince's Trust achieve their digital vision.

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