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About Infomentum banner


With digital disruption impacting every industry and business, making the right decision about the digital transformation partner you work with is crucial. So here’s why you should talk to Infomentum about how to achieve your digital vision. 

We see it your way

Unlike many digital transformation experts, we’ll look at the situation from a business perspective, before engaging our technical brains. We’ll listen, challenge and be open minded agile in our approach to ensure the solution is always aligned to your business and ROI objectives - and never technology for its own sake.

We’re leading Oracle specialists

With the largest dedicated team for Oracle WebCenter and Fusion Middleware, we have unrivalled knowledge in these industry leading solutions. Our single-minded Oracle focus is also reflected by the many advanced client-facing solutions and thought-leading publications we have delivered. It’s this proven ‘can-do’ expertise and attitude that has made us the go-to Oracle partner throughout EMEA.

We take digital design further

To design the best possible front-end user experience, you need back up from technological know-how. Our UI and UX specialists understand how to make complex technology user-friendly, without adding unnecessary time and costs to client budgets. We’ve also developed bespoke automated testing and continuous integration for faster delivery, with drastically reduced room for error.

We speak your language

We’re equally at home talking technically to your IT people or commercially to your business leaders. With a multi-national team that speaks over 25 languages, we also offer an enhanced local perspective for global clients. We intuitively understand what’s needed and can deliver equally intuitive projects and products to get it done.

We’re easy to work with

We’re a close-knit group of collaborative, approachable professionals who naturally fit in with everyone they work alongside. Clients regard us as an extension of their teams and business relationships often become friendships. It helps to explain why we’re recommended buy 100% of our customers.

We’re committed to progress

Constantly innovating to help companies keep pace with dynamic digital environments, we’re also agile and flexible enough to adapt to change during projects. Our flat management structure empowers our naturally progressive people to make quick decisions and keep things moving. This approach has helped us sustain our own business momentum, through an impressive 68% average growth, year on year.

iCE Ontology

Intelligently classifying web content, documents, spreadsheets and other digital assets on a budget, without the need to administer bespoke tools can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have developed iCE (Infomentum Classification Engine) Ontology to give our customers a cost effective classification capability.

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If your organisation has an Oracle solution, then we can help you get the maximum return on your investment. We have proven in-depth knowledge of leading information management vendor software stacks.

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Document Management

Today’s organisations are creating more documents than ever before. Essential customer records, presentations, emails, purchase orders, invoices, contracts – the list is endless. As is the value locked in that content.

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Searching for business-critical information locked in content and documents is often an imprecise process. Because humans are often imprecise. Traditional search engines aren’t able to understand the meaning – which is to say the semantics – of user searches. And while we may struggle to think like machines, thanks to semantics, machines can start to think like us.

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Enterprise Search

Organisations are creating and storing more data and content than ever before. But, all of that information is useless unless you can find what you need when you need it.

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