Neil Clark
Neil Clark

Neil Clark

Head of Customer Experience

Neil grew up in Cheltenham, before packing his bags and heading to Loughborough University to study Information Management.


After graduating, Neil joined the Cancer Research UK graduate scheme, and it wasn’t long before he discovered a passion for analysis and anything user experience related. One of the key projects Neil worked on was replatforming of the Race for Life website, which he describes as a fantastic experience.


Neil had always wanted to work for a relatively small, dynamic company, so when the opportunity came up to become Infomentum's first Business Analyst, he didn't hesitate in taking the position.


Five years, two children and one new scrum board later, Neil thoroughly enjoys shaping Infomentum’s analysis and non-technical consultancy offering. He sometimes wonders if he is boring the Infomentum developers to distraction banging on about customer experience!


Neil says that the diversity of projects that Infomentum work on is what is so interesting for him, from charity websites, to brand new retail concepts to garage management and car diagnosis software.

Don't have any regrets; at the time you did it for a reason.