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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Music
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We supported PPL’s long term transformation strategy by helping deliver automated, accurate data and moving away from manual processes.

Proud to report:
the accuracy and speed of royalty payments
Scalable API
to allow data sharing between parties
for future expansion

How we made it work

PPL is one of the world’s leading music licensing companies. It wanted to improve the accuracy and speed with which it was able to share royalties with its artists.

We built an API which would allow the sharing of data between PPL and Auddly, a song data hub. By automating the data management process, PPL could trust the accuracy of the information it was receiving and distribute royalties faster. The API was implemented using AWS Lambda with Amazon API-Gateway to align with PPL’s wider transformation plans.

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Momentum gained

The link up with Auddly, delivered via Infomentum’s API, has made a significant improvement to the speed and accuracy at which royalties can be calculated and paid by PPL. It has also reduced the cost of processing information.

Having established a secure way of exchanging information, PPL is now well placed to expose its digital assets using APIs. This will give it the foundations to grow its platform for exchanging information globally with other music organisations.

man playing piano| Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

Key deliverables achieved

  • Increased the accuracy and speed of royalty payments
  • Fast implementation of data exchange interface
  • Enhanced scalability and reusability, allowing for future expansion
  • Accessed trusted source of data
  • Aligned with broader transformation journey
  • Deployed platform capable of global information exchange

This case received widespread media attention:

Want to know more about the API we built for PPL and Auddly?

Download our free extended case study and discover how we improved the speed and accuracy of royalty payments.

Download extended case study