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Anypoint Platform Operations: Universal API Management

This course is for Anypoint Platform administrators, including operations personnel, developers, and architects who want to get hands-on experience managing APIs using Anypoint Platform.

Use Anypoint Platform™ to manage, secure, and monitor APIs on Mule and Flex Gateways. MuleSoft’s universal API management on Anypoint Platform is the next evolution of API management, providing full lifecycle management capabilities to APIs that are built and deployed anywhere in any architecture or environment. It is a collection of new and existing products that provide a single control plane to enable comprehensive visibility, flexible management, and consistent governance of APIs at scale, no matter the size, language, or cloud. In this course, students get hands-on experience using Anypoint API Manager, Anypoint Mule Gateway, Anypoint Flex Gateway, Anypoint API Governance, Anypoint CLI, Anypoint Monitoring, and Anypoint API Analytics to manage, deploy, govern, secure, monitor, and analyze APIs.

 3 days in-person

 3 days online





At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Manage APIs deployed in Anypoint Platform or elsewhere in a single control plane using Anypoint API Manager.
  • Use Anypoint Exchange and public portals to document, version, and share API specifications.
  • Control and secure APIs running anywhere using Anypoint Flex Gateway.
  • Control and secure APIs running in Anypoint Platform using Anypoint Mule Gateway.
  • Govern APIs with policies and SLA tiers.
  • Ensure consistent quality and compliance across APIs using Anypoint API Governance.
  • Analyze and monitor APIs using Anypoint Monitoring.
  • Improve the reliability, performance and value of APIs using Anypoint API Analytics


  • Module 1: Introducing universal API management on Anypoint Platform

    • List the functionality included in universal API management on Anypoint Platform
    • Describe the gateway options for managing APIs on Anypoint Platform
    • Navigate Anypoint Platform and Anypoint API Manager
  • Module 2: Discovering and consuming APIs

    • Create APIs in Anypoint Design Center using RAML specifications
    • Publish, document, and test API specifications in Anypoint Exchange
    • Control API access using Anypoint Exchange portals
    • Discover APIs through public portals
    • Catalog APIs with Anypoint CLI
    • Describe how to extend the capabilities of Anypoint Exchange with Anypoint API Community Manager
  • Module 3: Managing APIs using Anypoint Flex Gateway

    • Install and register Flex Gateways
    • Expose APIs through Flex Gateway
    • Apply policies to APIs managed by Flex Gateway
    • Add external log forwarding to Flex Gateway
    • Scale Flex Gateway using replicas
    • Secure Flex Gateway using TLS
  • Module 4: Managing APIs using Anypoint Mule Gateway

    • Describe the two types of API policy enforcement endpoints
    • Manage APIs using basic endpoint configurations
    • Manage APIs using proxy endpoint configurations
    • Deploy API implementations to CloudHub
    • Apply automated policies to all API instances
  • Module 5: Enabling API Governance and enhancing security

    • Implement API governance profiles and rulesets
    • Validate API governance conformance from Anypoint API Designer and Anypoint Exchange
    • Use Anypoint CLI to automate API governance tasks
    • Create custom governance rulesets
    • Secure managed APIs with the OAuth 2.0 token enforcement policy
  • Module 6: Governing APIs with policies and SLA tiers

    • Distinguish between the types of API policies available in Anypoint API Manager
    • Enforce Service Level Agreement (SLA) tiers for APIs or groups of APIs
    • Apply rate limiting - SLA-based policies to APIs
    • Apply the spike control policy to APIs
    • Define the order of execution of policies
  • Module 7: Versioning managed APIs

    • Version APIs and API groups in Anypoint Design Center
    • Document changes in API versions inside portals
    • Deprecate old versions of APIs and API groups
  • Module 8: Monitoring APIs

    • Enable Anypoint Monitoring for applications and APIs
    • Monitor APIs using the built-in dashboards in Anypoint Monitoring
    • Create custom dashboards and charts with Anypoint Monitoring
    • Create API alert notifications using Anypoint API Analytics
    • Create and run custom reports from Anypoint API Analytics
    • Enable API analytics in third-party software

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