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Anypoint Platform Operations: API Community Management

Build and manage a customized experience for developers to discover and use APIs effectively using API Community Manager.

 1 days in-person

 1 days online





At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Engage API developers with API Community Manager.
  • Customize and personalize developer experiences based on API consumer needs.
  • Auto-populate interactive documentation from Anypoint Exchange.
  • Manage member approval and support community members with developer forums.
  • A basic understanding of APIs, REST, and HTTP


  • Module 1: Creating a community

    • Navigate API Community Manager and Community Builder
    • Create a community
    • Preview a community and ensure that it appears correctly on different devices
    • Publish a community so that it is accessible to the community members
  • Module 2: Customising API communities

    • Style a community using themes and CSS
    • Use Community Builder to create, edit, and customize community pages and components
    • Configure standard Lightning components to easily build responsive applications for any device
    • Author, organize, and publish CMS content within a community
  • Module 3: Publishing APIs to a community

    • Add APIs to a community from Anypoint Exchange
    • Manage API version visibility, settings, and branding
    • Configure API Community Manager Lightning components to access and interact with APIs from API Community Manager
    • Publish new API versions and API groups in API Community Manager
    • Manage contracts from Anypoint Platform
  • Module 4: Managing community members

    • Configure user registration and approval
    • Moderate and approve/reject members
    • Set up and moderate community forums
    • Target members with fine-grain visibility rules for APIs

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