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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Local council
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From paper statements to 24/7 self-service. A 90-day transformation of tenancy services.

Over thousands of residents in Derbyshire used to rely on emails, phone calls, and e-forms to make housing enquiries related to their tenancy information. Furthermore, paper-based 6-monthly statements were the only option to view their full transaction history. The housing services team needed to ease the pressure on their back-office and satisfy demands for online services by offering greater digital self-serve.


Empowered by the success of their digital self-service portal for citizens, the council was determined to release more on-demand services and improve the overall service delivery to meet growing expectations.


To modernise the tenancy services, the team had to access externally stored customer data and incorporate it into the online portal. Building a point-to-point adaptor between Salesforce CRM and the Northgate Housing system wasn't an option. The council selected MuleSoft, a recent addition to the Salesforce family, as their strategic integration platform and transformation enabler. The goal was to offer a richer customer experience by connecting systems and data sources through the portal via a secure, manageable and scalable network. How did the council approach this challenging task?


Tenancy services

On-demand tenancy services will increase citizen satisfaction and reduce costs.


How we made it work

The council started with a pilot following the 'evolution', not a 'revolution' approach. The project was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate MuleSoft capabilities while building a foundation for future integration programmes. This lighthouse project involved building a set of reusable APIs between Salesforce and NEC Northgate Housing, a cloud-based global housing management solution. By leveraging the NEC APIs and newly created APIs in MuleSoft, the citizens' portal is now able to extract and consume tenancy information in real-time.


No more waiting for the paper-based statement or calling the support team! The residents can access information about their tenancy, account details and transaction history online 24/7. The new tenancy self-service will significantly increase customer satisfaction offering a unified experience using the portal while minimising incoming calls to the contact centre.


Great results in 90 days?

Our Kick-start Integration Kit is a perfect solution for organisations that have chosen MuleSoft as the primary transformation enabler and are looking to get started fast.

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Momentum gained

While the successful pilot is going into production, the team is working on identifying the next use cases. One of the options is to modernise housing services further. By taking the API-led connectivity approach and through API reuse, the council will be able to build on top of the existing foundation and, thus, accelerate the delivery and reduce cost by up to 40%.


The powerful combination of Salesforce and MuleSoft enables this Derbyshire council to accelerate further modernisation and digital transformation.

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