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Who will benefit from the Salesforce + MuleSoft KiK?

Kick-start Integration Kit (KiK) approach would be the best choice for companies already using Salesforce CRM and Experience Cloud Portal but aspire to get considerably more out of their investments. By adding the MuleSoft iPaaS, they can achieve a fully integrated Salesforce solution, unlock siloed data sources, and thus, provide a game-changing digital experience to customers and employees.

If you are only starting your transformation, a strategic approach to Salesforce products combined with MuleSoft can help reduce overall cost, eliminate effort duplication and maximise benefits from both platforms.

Cost options


starting from $44,000

Envision your digital goals.

We spend 35 days helping you define how your customers, employees or partners will use your online services and prepare the foundation of your integration programme.

  • Identify user personas, user flows and interaction channels.
  • Look-and-feel (Wireframes + Visual Design) of the Portal and any customisation requirements.
  • Detail Salesforce components involved.
  • Detail the Salesforce data model.
  • Define MuleSoft APIs required.
  • Licensing impact assessment.
from $171,500

Bring your vision to life.

165 days to release your first set of fully automated services that will delight your users.

  • Set up Includes all activities covered by the Envision stage;
  • Build Salesforce platform and front-end experience for up to 2 service areas of medium complexity;
  • Implement MuleSoft APIs (based on complexity) to connect your Salesforce Platform with your strategic backend systems;
  • Deploy Salesforce & MuleSoft build through to Production.
from $250,000

Realise your vision.

We require 245+ days to deliver complex APIs or connect to a larger number of external data sources or legacy systems.

  • Salesforce - delivery of 3+ service areas for a rich user experience.

  • MuleSoft - deliver 5+ MuleSoft APIs to connect your Salesforce Platform with your strategic backend systems.
KiK engagement process


How to engage us

Buying KiK is easy and straightforward.

You know exactly what you get, when you get it and how much it costs. There are no hidden expenses!

Step 1. Select a package that fits your requirements and budget and choose add-on options.

Step 2. Contact us to discuss your challenges and goals.

Step 3. Start building your value-driven APIs.



Interested in reaching your goals 50 days earlier?

Receive 50 days of acceleration from our MuleSoft Knowledge Base to speed up your delivery.




Related features

Validate API-connectivity for a business process, create a foundation with reusable assets and demonstrate business value in only 90 days.

Discover our Integration Framework - a tailored roadmap to build a solid foundation for your integration journey.

Give your IT teams the knowledge and skills to confidently use the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to its full potential. 

How can KiK accelerate your integration-based transformation?

Call us on +44 (0)203 743 8014 or provide your details, and we'll contact you within 24 hours.