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Category: Case Study
Vertical: IT
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Infomentum helped increase project profitability and save hours of error-prone manual work by applying our client mantra to make information smarter to ourselves.

Proud to report:
increase in project profitability
hours/month time saving
weeks delivery

How we made it work

While our teams were busy digitally transforming our clients’ processes, we realised that, like the cobbler in the proverb, we were so busy making shoes for others that we were shoeless ourselves. Our Operations team spent hours every month manually preparing staff utilisation reports for the Board of Directors.

We needed to make information smarter so that the Operations team could give the Board actionable knowledge for informed decision making


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Momentum gained

Using intelligent information management, in only two weeks we ripped out 30 hours a month of manual data manipulation and gave those hours back to an Operations team with better things to do. We combined the power of Cloud SaaS, open-source and proprietary systems to improve the process from the ground up.

The Board of Directors were able to make resourcing decisions that increased project profitability by 20%, thanks to more accurate data and insights and a better understanding of the drivers of staff utilisation trends.

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