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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Manufacturing
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By accelerating and realising their business dream, we helped a global manufacturer to adopt digital faster.

Proud to report:
rapidly evolved
Business case
established fast
Quick launch
to market

How we made it work

When a world leading manufacturer had a breakthrough product idea in their minds, we bought all the relevant heads together to bring it rapidly to life and gain competitive edge in new markets.


Because the client wanted to penetrate a new market disrupting their existing product base, speed was critical to gain early adopter advantage. Using our unique digital acceleration methodology, we took an active approach to the business vision and challenges by involving stakeholders throughout the organisation in ideas workshops and hackathons. This free thinking generated amazing ideas which we connected together using our technology expertise. In rapid time, the initial insight evolved into key outcomes; a clear business case, a working prototype using technology and a three-year roadmap.

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Momentum gained

Using Infomentum as their digital accelerator, the organisation quickly evolved their innovation into a real, tried and tested, market solution that’s out there penetrating new markets ahead of competitors.

Key deliverables achieved

  • An eCommerce platform design with learning and education at the core
  • Identification and development of customer and trader personas
  • Marketing strategy for the product launch and growth
  • A physical flagship store design for 13 countries
  • A prototype for an omni channel trader and customer app based on gamification
  • A strategy to maximise the footfall (success criteria for advertising)
  • A design for a bonus club for trade engagement utilising the existing relationship touch points

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