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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Local council
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A large UK council accelerated its vision for safe, efficient and sustainable local travel by adopting digital faster with our help.

Proud to report:
of decisions and key processes
cross-system data collection for smarter decisions
to point the initiative in the right direction

How we made it work

A safe and efficient local transport system gets citizens smoothly from A to B, but one large UK council knew their existing transport plan would struggle under the weight of growing congestion and funding pressure. To bring their transport services into the digital age the council’s transport and technology teams created a Smart Movement vision.

The team turned to Infomentum’s expertise as a digital transformation accelerator to kickstart the initiative into life


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Momentum gained

Using our digital acceleration framework, we facilitated stimulating, creative idea generation workshops for stakeholders across the transport and IT departments.

By collaborating in an open but focused idea acceleration process, the transport and IT teams rapidly arrived at a powerful strategy bought into by all stakeholders. Coupled with a well-planned route towards a paperless, automated and connected transport infrastructure, the council has what it needs to deliver smarter movement fit for the future.

Once the best ideas were on the table, our attention turned to helping develop a routemap to prototype the chosen technologies and visualise the way ahead.

Key deliverables achieved

  • Automation of decisions and key processes such as CCTV data gathering and monitoring to improve efficiency and security

  • Improving cross-system data collection, sharing and dissemination for smarter decisions, congestion planning and resource management

  • Applying simulation to improve crisis and change planning

Interested in how we use our digital acceleration framework?

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Download extended case study