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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Automotive
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We built fast, scalable and cost-effective architecture that supports vehicle mechanics in independent workshops around the world.

Proud to report:
reduction in response time
in operational and licensing costs
digital and cloud transformation

How we made it work

When the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive spare parts saw technology transforming their core products, they seized the opportunity to reposition their business for the future. By creating a single system to manage the vehicle repair process from start to finish, they would revolutionise the after-sales repair market and secure their place at its heart.

To make their bold vision a reality the manufacturer turned to Infomentum’s proven expertise as digital and cloud accelerators.

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Momentum gained

The new system accelerates our client’s digital and cloud transformation, delivering both first-mover advantage and scalability as it future-proofs its business for the digital age. Smart architecture design keeps production costs down and the system working fast, even as more customers are added. An intelligent user interface gives mechanics easy access to the information they need when they need it, and easy system monitoring means they can rely on the service too.

Key deliverables achieved

We delivered an end-to-end system for after-sales vehicle repairs that:
  • Delivered the first near realtime online vehicle diagnostic services

  • Reduced average system response time by 75-80%

  • Reduced production and licensing costs

  • Enabled real-time system monitoring from a single point

  • Is scalable and agile without compromising system performance or user experience

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