Youth charity The Prince’s Trust helps disadvantaged young people to get their lives back on track. It supports 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school. Many are in, or leaving care, or face issues such as homelessness, mental health problems, or are in trouble with the law. Through its free programmes which give practical and financial support, The Trust helps young people to develop key skills and boost their confidence. The Trust has transformed the live of 1 million young people over the last 40 years, with more than three in four moving into jobs, education or training.


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reduction in data entry


reduction in manual forms


increase in web enquiries


increase in 0800 enquiries


increase in website sessions


more pages viewed per user


The Prince's Trust is contacted by approximately 150,000 disadvantaged young people every year who are in need of support. In 2014, The Prince’s Trust helped more than 58,000 of these people - but they wanted to help even more. Making sure that young people contacting them couldn’t fall through the gaps was crucial.


That meant removing the barrier of an outdated website which wasn't mobile friendly, overcoming slow, manual processes to operate more efficiently, and tackling legacy systems which were hindering the charity from keeping track of young people at every stage of their journey. This traditional organisation needed to undergo a digital transformation - and Project Insight was born.

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We kicked off Project Insight using our digital acceleration framework, starting with generating ideas to help The Trust track young people at every point of contact and develop a business case for this transformation; this helped the charity to raise the funds needed to drive the initiative.

We used Sprint Zero to help The Prince’s Trust create a long-term vision for digital transformation. This captured detailed requirements and allowed us to split Project Insight into phases. Each phase would implement technology that The Trust was operationally and financially ready to support, building foundations for continuous improvement.


In Phase 1, we designed, developed and delivered a new mobile-ready website, creating a clear and simple user interface. To digitise the monthly manual reporting, we implemented a business intelligence (BI) system, integrated with a new CRM to track young people on their journey. Despite the complexity of many technologies running in parallel, our integration team worked to connect The Trust's systems, seamlessly sharing information across the business. 


Amidst all of the technological change, managing the cultural change in processes was crucial for The Trust. We worked with them to ensure success by taking part in initiatives like a roadshow to showcase working software, helping to continuously empower Project Insight ambassadors across the country, team breakfasts and informational posters in offices.

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Managing the cultural change around removing the paper-based processes and encouraging uptake of the new systems was one of the key elements which made this project a success.


The digital business platform implemented by Infomentum has allowed The Prince’s Trust to automate outreach processes and improve efficiencies in key areas of the charity.


The BI system allows the charity to make decisions based on real-time data, such as which courses to run in which areas. Digitising the monthly, manual reporting has saved around £20k per year. Along with the CRM, The Trust can see one source of information about each young person’s journey. As a result, better outcomes are produced for the young people, ensuring that the charity can track and assist them at every step of their journey. The Insights team can now focus on solving complex, strategic issues; not compiling a monthly report.


The new website design is clear and simple for young people, volunteers, businesses and donators to easily and quickly navigate to the right place. Most importantly, it helps reach more young people via increased web traffic and improves the quality of the initial contact – web enquiries increased by 115% in the first 3 months. Thanks to the responsive design, The Prince’s Trust saw a 40% increase in mobile form submissions. Donations have also increased in both frequency and value.

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Our flexible cloud platform was built on The Prince’s Trust’s existing legacy data, so still able to integrate with the new technology; a solution that didn’t break the bank but enabled them to streamline their systems and processes. Implementing a hybrid cloud solution offered high security levels, essential for the sensitive data that the charity handles.


Infomentum implemented a new BI system, using Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), significantly decreasing reporting time and offering data-driven decisions.


Oracle Service Cloud was chosen as the CRM system and integrated with Oracle OPA for website forms, enabling The Trust to see one source of information about the young people it is engaged with.


The new website was built on Oracle WebCenter Sites, and pulls information on courses from Service Cloud into WebCenter Sites, via Oracle SOA. Young people can easily gather information online.


Throughout the project, we used our continuous integration framework and automated testing to streamline development.


Project Insight hasn't ended here. After phase one went live, we transitioned The Prince's Trust to our managed services team. This included two types of support: infrastructure and application support. We are still working with The Prince’s Trust on continuous improvement.

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Infomentum understood our journey and what we wanted to achieve. They were able to successfully deliver technology to meet our business needs and the quality of their service was outstanding. Without question, Infomentum has helped The Prince’s Trust change the lives of even more young people.

Martina Milburn

CEO, The Prince's Trust