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Channel shift and shared services help you deliver more for less

The relationship between communities and government is changing, and personal technology is aiding the exercise of personal choice and control. The need to structure and organise information to ensure services are available and relevant to the public has never been so paramount.

How can you use a strategy around your information to help deliver more targeted and more personalised services whilst  reducing your operating costs?

Infomentum will show you how.

Engaging with the community

As part of our ongoing research, we recently asked members of the public about their views on accessing information and public services through their council website.

We used those views to further inform our simple solutions for personal inclusion and engagement. 

Please watch the videos of each story.


iCE Ontology

Intelligently classifying web content, documents, spreadsheets and other digital assets on a budget, without the need to administer bespoke tools can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have developed iCE (Infomentum Classification Engine) Ontology to give our customers a cost effective classification capability.

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If your organisation has an Oracle solution, then we can help you get the maximum return on your investment. We have proven in-depth knowledge of leading information management vendor software stacks.

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Document Management

Today’s organisations are creating more documents than ever before. Essential customer records, presentations, emails, purchase orders, invoices, contracts – the list is endless. As is the value locked in that content.

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Searching for business-critical information locked in content and documents is often an imprecise process. Because humans are often imprecise. Traditional search engines aren’t able to understand the meaning – which is to say the semantics – of user searches. And while we may struggle to think like machines, thanks to semantics, machines can start to think like us.

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Enterprise Search

Organisations are creating and storing more data and content than ever before. But, all of that information is useless unless you can find what you need when you need it.

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